Why Even Try


"It's a hard thing

to decide

what side

to be living in today.


I once 

was a man

who inspired smiles 

with a bright hearty laugh


and jokes for folks

that were the inside-jokes

of the English Language, 

(Puns, just in case 


you were wondering).


But wandering about, 

in this ugly,

heinous place

makes one think 


well, twice,

about what makes a side.

What makes wrong,

what makes right. 


The success 

of written poetry

can be measured 

on finger tips;


there is no way 

to make pay and rent. 

Remaining neutral 

even draws hate,


those who decide

to have no denomination 

in different categories of life

are called derelicts 


and heretics

from both sides,

being assumed 

we run for the other. 



Why even try.

Why even try to write,

why try to beat


this sense of helplessness.

All too many reasons to frown. 

All too many things 

keeping me down.


And how will I make it

as a writer?

I won't,

that's how."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I won't make it.

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why am i sat here

Why am I sat here

By JFarrell


Why am I sat here,

Listening to 80’s disco music?

“young hearts, run free”

“oops up side your head”

Music I haven’t listened to

In decades;

I’m too old to be feeling like a teenager,

And I really thought I was through,


With these kind of feelings,

Those kind of dreams.


Why am I sat here,

Heart beating so fast?

It’s been so long,

I thought it had stopped beating years ago;

And, honestly,

Might have been better

If it had stayed that way.

Those kind of feelings, those kind of dreams

I’m a fool to begin with

And these make me more so.


Why am I sat here,

Fantasizing of brighter, happier tomorrows?

Please, dear reader, don’t say

“because you’re in love, you fool”

That just isn’t possible

I can’t even love myself.

There has to be another answer…

I am way too old



I’d be like a baby with a box of matches

And burn everything.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

yes, i probably am an idiot

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Why did You Say So?

Why did you say so?

Why did you break my heart,

By uttering the bomb-like words?

I feel like being a soul apart!


At times I wonder,

Perhaps you take pleasure in poking me,

Have you ever thought,

How my heart bleeds silently?


Perhaps you will realise your mistake eventually,

Like the villain in a Bangla movie.   

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 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Like death is to an erie smell

As red as blood

Someone is hurting no one can tell

All you hear is a thud as that person falls to the ground

No one deserves to die like this

All full of pain

No heart here is found

At night you hear distant cries

Sounds like they are about to die

Sounds like pouring rain

Out of control

Nothing to gain

Without their soul

They only have the light

They have no place to go 

Left in them they have no fight 

To take care of them

They have nobody they know


As red as a rose

There's a drip of blood

Falling from their nose

Fighting the erge

Wanting to slice their wrist

But that wouldn't solve their problems

Or make people sad

It would get their family members mad

For no where to go 

For now they can only hide

Holding all their pain

No body by their side


waiting to explode

Leaving a stain

Wanting to die

But don't understand

And don't know why

Just wanting a helping hand



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Why am I not good enough?

What did I do wrong?

Why am I not good enough?

Why must I be alone for so damned long?

Why am I not good enough?

Why am I not worth enough to try?

Why am I not good enough?

My wings will never fly.

Why am I not good enough?

What harm did I ever do to you?

Why am I not good enough?

Why must my dreams be so few?

Why am I not good enough?

Why must I do all this crying?

Why am I not good enough,

 To do anything but slowly dying?

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It is there,


You see it in a flash,


And your heart races,


Because you do not know if after it passes,


You will be the same.




All you have ever learned


Has told you that


To join in and merge


Is partly to be maimed,


Lost forever into


Some new conglomerate


Of the new you.




And you said,


"Oh no, not me",


And moved on to the next phase


Of nothingness.


Because ignorance is 


Supposed to bliss,


A kiss,






Then it happens,


Syzygy's sweltering dark cloud


Hauntingly seeps into you


Like lying on a bed of nails,






You are in love with someone,


And it is nothing like anyone ever told you.






And then you learn it's no big deal,


You are still driving your own vehicle,


Like the sign on the interstate...

















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Love Child - A Lesson In Algebra

X is a baby,
X is a child,
X is a sinner,
X has gone wild,
X is a girl,
X is a boy,
X is a bastard,
X is a toy,
X is mischievious,
X is enlightened,
X is the way,
X can be frightened,
X is sarcastic,
X, a delight,
X is the darkness,
X is the light,
X is a woman,
X is a man,
X is resentful, forgiving,
...it can,
X is a mountain,
...a river,
...a sun,
X is the MANY,
X is the ONE,
X is insatiable,
...satisfied, complacent,
X is a variable,
...but can have no replacement,
X is intelligence,
X is deformed,
X can be funny, sad,
X is quite perfect,
...but also has flaws,
X is a life,
X is a cause,
X is a tear that runs down all our cheeks,
X is resilient,
...and yet,
...x is weak,
X is my daughter,
X is my son,
...when the journey's begun,
X becomes kindness,
...when below is above,
...and all answers refer back to X,
X is LOVE.

As My Blood Turns To Alcohol

I need to be drunk,
I need to feel pain,
but from it, what do I gain?
Nothing, I'm just slowly being slain.
And by my own hand,
my own fucking demand.

Just look at me, how I spend my day.
The second I hear the alarm clock,
I'm reaching for that bottle of bock.
Then throughout the day I grow more pale,
bottle after bottle, ale after ale.
Then every time the thought to stop comes about,
I drown my doubt in a bottle of stout.

And to think it all started as a test,
Now I cant live without the taste, the sweetness,
Is there such a thing as alcohol proof happiness?

In my mind I'm screaming,
Somebody stop me!
I need help!
Don't leave me for dead!
I don't even sleep at night, I just lie in bed,
because there's nothing louder in my head than these words I never said.

Now I have a prediction,
about the future of my addiction.
I'd like to say I'll recover some day,
But I've never been one for words of fiction.
Odds are I'll continue to cave,
Until I meet an early grave.
Is there any other way to live with this insatiable crave?

-The Fever

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Wake UP!

Wake Up! Wake UP! No more sleeping in bed
Little Peter is crying he needs to be fed

Angie is failing she can’t even read
This problem exists because she is poor- that’s what her teacher now believes

We are failing our children while we lie asleep
Our family structure is failing and is proven to be weak.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Mother while Peter is being raped
By the same man you love and claim it’s you that he dates

Wake! Wake Up! Dad your daughter is growing old
She needs a man in her life – so she sleeps with the addict who treats her cold…

Wake Up mom and dad no more thinking about you
But instead of our children whose thoughts are misconstrued

The alarm clock has gone off- No more sleeping in bed
Let’s save the children we have left
‘Cause half of our children are already dead.

Wake Up!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wake up is a powerful piece screaming the needs of some of our children. Wake up has been described as the perfect wake up call for those caring for children. It is a great gift for someone in the social services field; teachers or any persons providing the needs of our children