He Will Place You In My Arms

Grief & Grieving


Someday in the future to be,
When I hear those Heavenly charms,
My life, though over, will be complete,
For He will place you in my arms.


"Finally" I'll sigh, as I cuddle you,
That very first and precious time.
I'll shower you, with tiny kisses,
And whisper a nursery rhyme.


I'll tell you of how I've missed you,
Even though we'd had never yet met.
And I'll tell you how, even though that was so,
That you, my little one, I never did forget.


I'll study your beautiful baby features,
To see who you resemble most.
Who's eyes and smile, or dimples you have,
As at last, I'll be holding you close.


I'll look to Jesus and thank Him in Praise,
For taking such good care of you, for me.
I'll finally get to be the mother to you,
That I never before was able to be...


I won't worry about making up for lost time,
Because we'll have forever together in Glory.
I can play with you and teach you things,
And rock you to sleep with a bedtime story.


Oh, the time will be so wondrous,
My sweet and precious little one.
When He places you, in my arms at last,
New life for us, my child, will have begun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my precious tiny baby, Andi/Andy, who waits for Mommy in Heaven. Rest In Peace little one 05-04-1988 I Love You. <3 xoxo

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heatherburns35's picture

this is a beautiful

this is a beautiful compelling poem. Someday you will
hold baby Andy and comfort him. He and mommy will
be so happy and content together. This is a great
tribute in memory of baby Andy. I enjoyed the read.

cathycavalcante's picture

My sincere thanks to you,

My sincere thanks to you, Heather. :)