Dancing in the dust By jfarrell

Dancing in the dust

By jfarrell


Here we are

Dancing in the dust

The ashes of dreams and hopes

Dancing around us

As we whirl and twirl



Tango, fox-trot and the hippy hippy shake

We dance in the dust

We cause whirls and eddies about us

Ghostly images pulled together

So that we don’t dance alone


After the music, we find ourselves

Dancing in the dust

Reliving what-might-have-beens

Our ghosts respond with what might have been different

Dancing together


Dancing in the dust


Author's Notes/Comments: 

for goodness sake - do the hippy hippy shake

Vending machine

Vending machine

By jfarrell



Coffee break, at the office, again….

Vending machine…..

Surprise me…


Tea- 102; twix- 103; chocolate - 1057…..

Coffee… NONONONO…. no coffee here….

“you pressed 1954… enjoy your purchase and have a nice day ;-)”

I pressed what? I wanted coffee!!!! strong, no milk!


As the machine whirrs into unseen life…

Karla breathes a grade 5 fire up my backside…

Wot! WOT! I’, m here!

Just glad no-one about to see me put my back side out!


I look up at Karla…  long way up….

You’d think at 15 feet tall she’d stand out…

But, no, only I can see her…

Giant invisible rabbits are nice…


But rainbow transparent dragons (    ;-)     )

Karla? Why was that necessary? I’m at work.





Your in the laundrette….

Dancing in your underwear again…


I look about me.. and…



Shit, sorrry, sorry, ..

Errrr….   washing day, you know how it is…

…whistles….anything…. even very bad version of sittin’ (on the dock of the bay)…so lost without my dragon…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

loved that old james stewart classic - 'Harvey' - i following in his footsteps and gonna have an invisible dragon follow me around everywhere

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The Mount Of Rain Washed Stones

The Art Of Sight

Dancing down the mount


Of rain washed stones


Reading the sky


With blue inked eyes


Singing the earth


With our red tounges


Breathing sweet pine


Holding our mouths full of it


Like balloons 


Scarlet blush


As we dance down the mount


Of rain washed stones

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Dancing in another space, unwilling to turn around,
Playing games, taunting this place,
Knowing your life is no longer a race to the finish,
All debts and debtors relinquished,
Laughing for a short moment while the time is ripe,
Watching your body lie still on the bed
While you can't help but feel compassion
For those left behind,
If they only knew your mind,
The beauty you now know is beyond the flesh,
You try repeatedly to tell them it's ok,
And that they aren't losing their minds
If they hear you, but only one or two take heed.
You wait for months, every nervous twitch seen
Seems to make them think you are coming back,
But I hear you...that it is way too nice where you are going,
And there is no turning back,
Some of us sense your desire to tell them,
And wish I could tell them for you,
We can only be here,
We cannot speak for you,
You must find a way to make them understand,
Or just make an exit and bid farewell to this land.



3:00 AM 4/20/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

People go into comas and last for years while their body is preserved by science. The spirit...waits.

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In Darkness, We Sway


In Darkness, We Sway

Slow Bending Knees

In Darkness, We Sway

Out of Time

In Darkness, We Sway

Embracing Each Other 

In Darkness, We Sway

The New Sad Tune

In Darkness, We Sway

Fresh Dried Tears

In Darkness, We Sway

Setting Fire to the Past 

In Darkness, We Sway

More in Love than The First 

In Darkness, We Sway

In a Moment

In Darkness, We Sway

We Hold On Till the Song is Over,

In Darkness, We Forgave


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They Danced On the Piano


They Sat there Completely Still,


Watching It All Burn to The Ground,


She With Her Red Dress,


He In His Pale-Blue Suit and Bow-Tie,


She With Her Uneasy Hips,


He With His Empty Gold Cup,



They Danced On The Piano,


As The Sunset Faints,


As The Flames Rise High,


He Kissed Her Technicolor-Lips






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I Can't Dance

My thoughts

I can't dance,
although I want
to be able to!
I look pretty stupid
when I try to dance.
I look like a little kid.

I try and copy
how others dance,
but I can't seem to do it!
Why can't i dance?
I don't get it!

I want to be able
to dance with others,
or even on my own!

I'm getting desperate
in finding out how
to dance,
since once school is out,
my mom, my sister, and I
are going on a cruise!

And on this cruise
is a place specifically
for teenagers.
This area has
a dance floor,
and I want to be able
to go out onto the floor,
and dance in a way
that doesn't get me laughed at.

How can I learn
how to dance?
How do I dance if I
am not dancing with a partner?
How do I dance if
I'm asked to dance with someone?

I'm so worried,
and I want to know
how to dance!
Both with someone,
and on my own.
But I don't know how
to figure out how to dance.

I can't dance,
not at all,
unless I'm acting like
a weirdo and am in my room.

I want to learn to dance,
but don't know where to start.
How can I learn to dance,
so I am prepared to
dance on the dance floor?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I truely have no idea how to dance, and know that I'm not very good at it! Please let me know what you think!

Out of Place

I've never quite understood why I feel so wrong... Like out of place lyrics, in a song.
Throwing the sound, killing the beat... Never dancing in rhythm with the other's feet.
Trying to blend in, with the swaying crowd... Staying in the back, using them as a shroud.
Just wanting to get by, to find my own kind... But the only friend I've found...is in my own mind.
I don't know the song, but I try to dance... Constantly balanced on the tip of a lance.
One wrong step, that's all it would take... To hurry into the light my expected mistake.
So on and on I go, avoiding the light... For fear I be noticed, and not fit quite right.
And when the dance is done, the songs all sung... I've already left, before the bell is rung.
And when I get home, and I'm thinking back... I'll wish for a friend, and the love that I lack.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feeling lonely and sorry for myself again, so I wrote what was on my mind at the time. As always, feedback appreciated!

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Deaf Man's Tragedy

If I were to tell a deaf man of the radio,
I would start with the promise it brings.
The hope springing in your heart when you press the button,
The chance, that your favorite song, or perhaps a potential favorite comes on.
The feeling of rushing down the highway, with your window down.
Dancing, like you honestly don’t care.
Because you don’t.
Nothing, in your mind, could tear you down
Because when the wind is in your hair
and you are hopping and jiving in your seat,
You are unstoppable.
You can be whoever you want to be with the press of a button.
From thug, to classical musician, to a Latin dancer, and back.
The possibilities are endless…
But then again,
how selfish would it be, to describe such a thing to a person incapable of experiencing such magic?

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