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well I love basketball ; ~ im good in most sports ; i like playin xbox also - although i bearly play like i used to ; mostly i like taklin and chillen with friends ; movies ; wanna go to college ; graphic designer, VFX, or IT specialist :) ; i accept and love all forms of art ; i write poems ; jus a lilttle hobby i do when ever im odee bored or mad ; im very observant to everything around me ; theres alot to me that i guess keep to myself not becuz i dnt wanna show it but becuz i dont care to if it was shown to everyone - if a person were to try then it wud be fairly easy - if they were to take the time to do so ; which is why im type mysterious ; always catch me thinking & or laughing ; i wanna be a enterprenuer ; thats my dream ~ i wanna be in vfx designs & i jus wanna make money and find a girl thats faithful and on her grown shit ; that is all for now

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um lol ; well its a inside belly button ; but i gotta nice body

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god writes alot of comedy ; the problem is .. hes stuck with so many bad actors who dont kno how to play funny


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