He Loves Us This Much...

Through the many storms in your life
His love will never change
When you turn away from him
Curse his holy name
Blasphemy against him
His soul is so forgiving
His love never stops giving
Transforming your life
Pull you back from the edge of the cliff
As He continue to wash your sins away
To guide you through the darkest pastures
Yes, this valley we call Life

He would never fore sake us
Even when we allow drugs to take hold
Even when we allow our abusers
To rape is mentally
As they batter down on our bodies
Like sound of thunder
When lighting hits the ground
No matter how much pain we inflicted on ourselves
He never stops loving us

Ask the blind man
Who thought his life was over
Just because he couldn't see
God restored his vision
Now he praises the beautiful sight
Of wild lilies growing amongst the purple wild flowers

Ask the little children born with Cancer
As they lay in the parents arms
Asking Why me?
What have i done to deserve this?
As their parents begin to wipe their tears and pray
God touches the child's body
Healing all the cancer
Gone wipe clean
Just one touch of his hand
Shows just how much he loves us

He never wants us to suffer
To live a live full of hate and discouragement
Why would he give his only son
Just to watch us suffer
In this unjust world
His grace and mercy is sufficient
There is nothing any one can say
That can change that
His word is out Guide to life
No man could ever rewrite it
For it are His blessings
To help us understand
That living a live of love
Spreading it from door to door
from city to city
To though who are not of your culture
Even to your worst enemy
Nothing can scrarifice
His greatest gift of all
Because He loves us this much
How Much do you love Him?

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington