The Brilliant Ending of the Movie ‘Inception’

Inception, a movie from the opening till the end,

Is staggering and spellbinding my friend!

Yet the ending with the spinning top is a mark,

Of a genius, a luminous director at work!


How many times I watched the ending,

I cannot tell you who are reading!

Even after the hero returns home in the end,

The disbelief of the dream and reality does descend!


Is this still a dream or he is a part of reality now?


The spinning top being the solution, we go ‘wow’!

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This is what I want

I look around and all I see is happy couples that I envy
Wanting the smiles, the laughter wishing that's what we can be
But reality is a bitch and all we have is constant fighting
Going to bed not the way we intend is not the right thing
We don't want to end it because the feeling of it is amazing
Seeing each other with other people is just heart taking
You say its your fault and that I deserve better
You're a milestone in my life, I will not forget her
My choice is to stay together hoping we can be a phoenix
I want this movie to have a happy ending cause I've never seen it
Good in the beginning and now we're in a struggle
Hopefully this will end well, watch a movie then we'll cuddle
We may not be Hollywood actors, but the tears are real
The love ain't a prop, if you stay tuned it will be revealed
Our script isn't written in stone, so we still have a chance
Its up to us whether we want to nurture it like a plant.

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Mama Mia Movie

My thoughts

I love the movie Mama Mia.
I really like it!
The songs are addicting,
and the movie is fun!

I can't help myself,
I dance when I watch it.
It's fun to watch,
and fun to sing along to,
even though I cannot sing.

The movie Mama Mia
is unique,
and very interesting,
and entertaining!

I dance when I hear it,
I sing along to the songs,
and I speak the lines.

"Mama mia,
here I go again!"
"honey, honey,
how you thrill me!"
"The winnner taaaakes it all!"
"I'm nothing special,
in fact I'm a bit of a bore."
"I work all night,
I work all day"

The songs are
like none other.
They are different
and fun!

The movie Mama Mia
is one of my favorites!
I cannot lie!
I can watch it a thousand times,
and never get tired of it!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a poem I though up while listening to the Mama Mia music.
Please let me know what you think!

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At A Glance

2010-2012 Poems

"All the wild summer was in your gaze..."
You took me to the world unseen.
You can read my soul like I've known yours forever...
Together-- we could be unconventionally beautiful. :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c) jerlin 27Oct11 Inspired after watching Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth's movie. :)

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