Monthly Archive for July 2007

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
I Lost My Mind Poem soulive2213 Jul 1st
Empty Thrones Poem soulive2213 1 Jul 1st
Motel Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Jul 1st
FOR YOU , MY FIRE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
The Sandman Poem soulive2213 Jul 1st
The Window Watcher Poem brokenfairy Jul 1st
Amongst the stars Poem xephornite Jul 1st
The Beauty Pagent Queen Poem brokenfairy Jul 1st
THE PAST Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 2nd
It's Alright Poem chris_mather Jul 2nd
Immortal Fate Poem poser Jul 2nd
A LAUGHING SURPRISE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 2nd
Dear Sarah Poem poser Jul 2nd
Time Bomb Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 Acceptance Jul 2nd
Question Poem SexyOldBAG 1 Soul mates Jul 2nd
THE ATTAINABLE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 2nd
Harp Poem SexyOldBAG death Jul 2nd
Big Brother Poem poser Jul 2nd
Bloody Mary Poem poser Jul 2nd
Behind These Eyes Poem underlovelyeyes Jul 2nd
Come On Girl Let's Have Some Fun Poem poser Jul 2nd
FRACTURED TWILIGHT Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 2nd
Man on a Mission Poem poser Jul 2nd
Pretty Nonsense Poem humanpulse 1 Jul 2nd
Thursday Poem tajuta Jul 2nd
Disaster Poem Megsamoo00 1 Stress Jul 2nd
Plain and Simple Poem SexyOldBAG confusion Jul 2nd
Undocumented Poem yardesspoetess Jul 2nd
"Inner Things" Poem The1TrueMojo Jul 2nd
Once a good girl's gone she's gone forever Poem yardesspoetess Jul 2nd
15 Poem poser Jul 2nd
Jaded Lover Poem jade love Jul 2nd
Be glad for what I had.. Poem indian_princess Jul 2nd
Saved And Justified Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 2nd
Separation & Recognition Poem faerie_ophelia prose Jul 2nd
Stoner Stories Poem poser Jul 2nd
SILUS MONDAY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
COLORADO SING Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Jul 3rd
SOLDIERS OF RELIEF Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
I Will Never Know Poem underlovelyeyes Jul 3rd
Unknown Poem underlovelyeyes 1 Jul 3rd
THE ORDER AND TURN OF EVENTS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
THE FEW REMAINING OLD Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
Tattoo Removal Poem brownelizard Jul 3rd
TRODDEN TAKERS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
ONE JACKET TOO MANY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
Rape is wrong Poem randyjohnson 1 Pain/Sorrow Jul 3rd
My Black Dahlia **WARNING** Poem Megsamoo00 death Jul 3rd
FIRE VERSES FLAME Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
IN THE EYES OF THE DENSE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
RAVISHMENT AND MUSE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
FOREVER EXQUISITE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
SINCERELY JONATHAN Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
MISSING MICHAEL Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
EMBRACE OF THE BANKS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
hung out to dry Poem gemboy romance Jul 3rd
Self Indulgence Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 3rd
"Love on Hold" Poem Nediot Jul 3rd
Screaming Silently Poem exquisite_dysfu... Jul 3rd
Void Innocence Poem exquisite_dysfu... Jul 3rd
Already Given Up Poem exquisite_dysfu... Jul 3rd
CASUAL COURAGE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
TRUE RESOLVE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
Chill Out on Grilled Fish Poem jgupta 1 Jul 3rd
At Some Dreadful House In Philippi Poem Starward 1 Abuse Jul 3rd
A DAMAGING OF HOPE Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Jul 3rd
GYPSY LOVE FIEND Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
Ice Cream Poem jack4444 1 Addiction Jul 3rd
IN MY GUARDED LEISURE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 3rd
Brighter Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
My Light Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
An Explanation Poem faerie_ophelia Lost love Jul 4th
Pain Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Hello Jesus? Poem unseen_treasure Jul 4th
Public Lovers Poem Megsamoo00 romance Jul 4th
Just a Feeling Poem humanpulse Jul 4th
Fourth of July Poem geneconner2008 Celebrations Jul 4th
Save This Soul Poem misschickeypom 1 Jul 4th
Very hairy lady Poem randyjohnson 1 Comedy/Humor Jul 4th
Deal With Today Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Daddy: In Memory of Sylvia Plath Poem msant0816 Jul 4th
Summer We Shared Poem dyingpoetkr Lost love Jul 4th
Always In My Heart Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Get up Poem ruth_x_less Jul 4th
SOMETHING WRONG? Poem emmenay Jul 4th
Perfect Moment Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Naive Bliss Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Feeling Down Poem ruth_x_less Jul 4th
Mirrored Vision Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
You're Always Here Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Hate Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Cold Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Freedom Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Black And White Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Oh So Happy Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
There For You Poem misschickeypom Jul 4th
Mafia *Warning* Poem Megsamoo00 Fear Jul 4th
Moonlust (a.k.a. Moonlust Is Not Desire) Poem bluewave 1 Jul 4th
Moonlust (a.k.a. Moonlust Is Not Desire) (Repeat) Poem bluewave 1 Jul 4th
The Hidden Side Of The Moon (Repeat) Poem bluewave 1 Jul 4th
Sahara Confessional Poem Megsamoo00 1 Bittersweet Jul 4th
Flame Filled Lies Poem Megsamoo00 Self-doubt Jul 4th
*Reach Out! Don't Be Afraid!!!* (Repeat) [A MUST READ!!!] Poem bluewave 2 Jul 4th
Careful love (work in progress) Poem Fraggelrocker Jul 4th
The Hidden Side Of The Moon Poem bluewave 1 Jul 4th
Stay Poem dublinsky Jul 5th
Completely Happy Poem ruth_x_less lesbian love Jul 5th
haiku für g. Poem mellow Haiku Jul 5th
PRAYER OF THE MISTRUSTFUL Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 5th
God loves everybody Poem randyjohnson religion Jul 5th
Better Days, Better Nights Poem coldaugust Change/Transition Jul 5th
Bloom Again Poem kindra Jul 5th
AS IT IS WRITTEN Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 5th
THE LEAD Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 5th
SUMMER'S FIRST Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 5th
'07 Without a Care Poem Joel Jul 5th
'07 Hell Bound Poem Joel Jul 5th
REACQUAINTED Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 5th
Fully Grown Poem babe1233 Bittersweet Jul 5th
Oh, That More Would Know Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 5th
It Is You... Poem distantdreams Jul 5th
DAZZLED Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 6th
Heal Thyself...Wip 7/5/07 Poem significance_of_2 Jul 6th
Can God Use You? Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 6th
TO THE SEEKER FOUND Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 6th
LA FEM DE LA FLAME Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 6th
A LADY'S WORD ( RAPE) Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 6th
INFORMATION OTHERWISE LOST Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 6th
THE TIRED LEGS OF TIME Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 6th
gourmet alcohol Poem gemboy Imagery Jul 6th
Bitch Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
Our Hidden Master Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
The Perfect Prince and the Pitiful Princess Poem lonelylove 1 Short Story Jul 6th
I Am Pain Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
Lover's Law Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
Guilty as Charged Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
Jana's Angel Poem kindra Jul 6th
Would You Believe? Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
People must be saved by Jesus Poem randyjohnson religion Jul 6th
Plath and Bukowski Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
The Careless Caravan Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
What I'm left with.. Poem jpstheophany love Jul 6th
Eternity Bruised Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
atop the wall Poem insane 1 Jul 6th
Fly Far Guitar Poem dakotadarkhorse Hope Jul 6th
Babylon Bed Poem soulive2213 Jul 6th
Cliche Poem indian_princess Jul 6th
Silent Hill Poem poetic_kylie 1 Fate/Destiny Jul 6th
"I Miss You" Poem joelcarter_86 1 Missing You Jul 6th
SAD THOUGHTS Poem teresa_r 1 Jul 7th
Always & Forever Poem lcprettiboi83 Jul 7th
Hardcore Exterior Poem lcprettiboi83 Jul 7th
"IM STRONG" Poem anthony28 Lost love Jul 7th
WITH SIGHT CAST TO............................ Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 7th
Hope For All Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 7th
MUSE OF FRUITFUL HUSBANDRY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 7th
NATURE'S PEACE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 7th
Expectations Lost Poem lcprettiboi83 Jul 7th
أحبك Poem yaramo Jul 7th
THE CROWNING OF SUMMER Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 7th
MEAL OF FURY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 7th
all Poem learn_to_be_lonely Jul 7th
"TIME WILL TELL" Poem anthony28 love Jul 7th
The Killing Machine Poem lcprettiboi83 Jul 7th
Perserverance Poem lcprettiboi83 Jul 7th
"MOVING ON" Poem anthony28 Lost love Jul 7th
Happy birthday Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 7th
I tried to act like they were gone. Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jul 7th
trapped Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jul 7th
mom's afraid Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 7th
everybody's against me Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 7th
Urge Poem lcprettiboi83 Jul 7th
Feelings part 1 Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Jul 7th
Keep your eyes on the damn road! Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Jul 7th
are you happy? Poem shesmybabybear Jul 8th
kill for me Poem shesmybabybear Jul 8th
tastes like blood Poem shesmybabybear Jul 8th
Show Me Poem amazingmrdonut love Jul 8th
pretty mess Poem shesmybabybear Jul 8th
Words in Jail Poem booblack Jul 8th
Delilah Poem amazingmrdonut love Jul 8th
MAK'S LEGACY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
liar Poem shesmybabybear Jul 8th
THE UNPATCHABLE TRESSPASS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
hotel intimacy Poem gemboy Sensualality Jul 8th
THE GRIN OF THE TIDE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
Princess Diana Poem randyjohnson Goodbye Jul 8th
هي وأينشتاين Poem unrulyspring Jul 8th
A RAINY NIGHT; REEVALUATED Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
MAK AGAIN Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
AN AFTERNOON FILLED WITH HOLLY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
Secrets Poem meganlynn confusion Jul 8th
NEGATIVE EXPOSURE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
Trial Version Poem booblack Jul 8th
The Crease and the Fold Poem soulive2213 Jul 8th
SEEDS OF ALTRUISM Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
Daddy Poem meganlynn family Jul 8th
"if nothing on earth could come between us, how could u leave?!" Poem Nediot 1 Jul 8th
Mistakes Poem meganlynn Betrayal Jul 8th
CELLAPHANE ROOK Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
Disconnection Poem booblack Jul 8th
True Love II Poem meganlynn love Jul 8th
WAKE UP Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
IN THE GARDEN REMOVED Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
Sometimes Poem meganlynn Suicide Jul 8th
I will always love you Poem meganlynn friendship Jul 8th
ENTERTAINING PRESUMPTION Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
Unfinished Dragon Poem Poem arachnae Fantasy/Magic Jul 8th
How I feel Poem meganlynn love Jul 8th
I missed you Poem meganlynn regret Jul 8th
Make It Right Poem mywrittings Jul 9th
Instant W. C. Williams Poem Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Jul 9th
Up All Night Poem motoxgurl2009 Jul 9th
A Revolution Dead Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Jul 9th
The moment I saw you Poem geneconner2008 Jul 9th
What I Love Poem motoxgurl2009 Jul 9th
Worship God Poem randyjohnson religion Jul 9th
Another Poem kindra Jul 9th
Belt Poem mywrittings Jul 9th
Red Flag Poem life_used_to_be... Jul 9th
Happy birthday Ashley! Poem ozzypoemgirl Jul 9th
expecting the pain Poem rashmiitz 1 Jul 9th
>^o^ Poem icewolf7 Gothic Jul 9th
Twisted Wire. Poem icewolf7 Reality Jul 9th
Perfect Storm Poem jeff_woods 1 Lost love Jul 9th
Your Light Shines Poem jesusmyjoy Jul 9th
TOWARDS DAWN Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 9th
hip hop Poem gemboy Sensualality Jul 9th
This may be my best discovery yet Poem ruth_x_less Jul 9th
The End Pt. 5 Poem docjroberts Short Story Jul 9th
before I fall Poem indigo_kid007 1 Jul 9th
More Than Just A Song (About You) Poem joelcarter_86 Jul 9th
An itch in my wings Poem wisdomscry 1 Jul 9th
Self Hatred Poem jazzy91 Jul 10th
Yet Once More + 27.225: Where, Oh Where, Could Jesus Be? Poem Starward 1 Jul 10th
Time And Tide Poem techpoet family Jul 10th
FEELING YOUR LOSS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 10th
THE LIBERTY OF THOUGHTS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 10th
AMIDST THE PRESENCE OF EVIL Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 10th
My flow is the trinity Poem coldaugust Jul 10th
BEHOLD THE AUTHENTIC FUTURE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 10th
UNENVIABLE BEAUTY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 10th
She knows Poem dragon love Jul 10th
Summer Night Blues Poem faerie_ophelia Other Jul 10th
to devour you Poem gemboy Imagery Jul 10th
MY DREAM Poem blackinkusa Jul 10th
((NOT A POEM)) Story Poem PseudonymTruth 1 Jul 10th
Wonderful Heart Poem MsBlue 1 PostPoems Jul 10th
Love..... Poem MsBlue 1 PostPoems Jul 10th