Fly Far Guitar

Here Comes Hope

I see all these people living

All talking and walking around

Taking without giving

Throwing their trash all over the ground

I see all these people dying

All falling and crawling around

Killing without crying

Throwing their dreams all over the ground

And the whole world is in danger

The color has turned to gray

Shaking hands with a stranger

While pushing their best friends away

And the whole world is shaking

Tomorrow has come today

The rules they all are breaking

Because that's the American way

But I still look up to the sky

And see that shiny star

And as I let out my battlecry

I wish for my future to fly very far

...Fly far guitar...

I see all these people sinning

Whipping and skipping around

The losers are somehow winning

While Heaven's heroes are nowhere to be found

I see all these people fighting

Humping and jumping around

History they're tragically rewriting

As the dominos collapse to the ground

The whole world thinks they're healing

Throwing their scars away

Here comes that all too familiar feeling

The rain and pain intertwine at the break of day

The whole world is in a blender

Everyone just selfishing wasting their time away

Never taking a single second to remember

That they're all going to die someday

But I still look up to outerspace

And see that sparkling star

And as I liberate the caged bird from her crowded place

I wish for her wounded wings to take her very far

...Fly far guitar...

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