Monthly Archive for June 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
The supremacy of Hope Poem poetic-cosmo 4 Jun 1st
Monologues for the soul. Poem Plagues 7 Jun 1st
Crooked Young Poem Plagues 5 Jun 1st
Her Poem Plagues 3 Jun 1st
Lord ? Poem Plagues 3 Jun 1st
Language Poem Plagues 4 Jun 1st
Persecution Poem Vallantiel 4 Jun 1st
guidelines Poem QuietWordz Jun 1st
"Menopause" Poem hauntedOWL 1 Menopause Jun 1st
I Dream of a kiss Poem ChryWizard 1 kiss, Kissing, love, sweet Jun 1st
wind in my sails forever. Poem mauvena 1 Jun 1st
What is love Poem kubolchi 2 Jun 1st
outside this dream Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe blindsided d, Disappointed loss, dream taken, Failure Jun 1st
Come Feed The Pain Poem MatthewWayne 1 Jun 1st
Only Human Poem Vallantiel Jun 1st
Relations Poem Bpc0206 Jun 1st
ILLUMINATION ILLUMINATI Poem poetic-cosmo Jun 1st
disconjoined Poem Icanpiccem Jun 1st
how to get love in your life Poem Icanpiccem Jun 1st
Allowed to Know Poem wishingforsun Jun 1st
Awake again... Poem SoulKritiC hatred Jun 1st
Every Day Again Poem SoulKritiC Passion Jun 1st
Immaculate High Poem SoulKritiC facing death Jun 1st
Freedom Bird and The Bird of Prey Poem SoulKritiC a probable match Jun 1st
my honey love Poem AwololaOlugbola 1 Jun 1st
Puzzle Piece Poem Jernigan 1 Jun 1st
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Poem Jernigan 1 Jun 1st
Mournings Poem venting2013 1 #depression #sad #hurting #death #pain Jun 1st
Era, La Paloma Blanca....a continuación Poem SoulKritiC lo menos esperado Jun 1st
The Picture Poem wishingforsun Jun 1st
Our Expanse Prose PaulFroggatt Jun 1st
Last Supper with Hey-sus!! Prose SoulKritiC fornication and the unexpected Jun 1st
An Intriguing Moment Poem TheShadowKnows Jun 2nd
secret keeper Poem cassidy Jun 2nd
Rasputin's Roulette... Poem SSmoothie 2 Jun 2nd
The Purpose Poem Miiranda31 1 #love #life #family #truth Jun 2nd
Seoul Poem MDW Jun 2nd
My Childhood Best Friend Poem metaphorist Jun 2nd
The World Through My Eyes Poem metaphorist Jun 2nd
Frozen Heart Poem metaphorist Jun 2nd
Merely Players Poem metaphorist Jun 2nd
Blinded By The Night Poem trumpet7 Jun 2nd
Thin Line Poem mth610 Jun 2nd
Future Changes Poem mth610 Jun 2nd
New Beginnings Poem mth610 Jun 2nd
For Conor Poem CHARRAWR 1 Lost Imaginary Love Jun 2nd
When It Comes To Justice Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 2nd
Chase Your Dreams Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 2nd
WRITING A POEM Poem heatherburns35 Jun 2nd
Prototype Prodcution Poem HuliganFish Jun 2nd
riverbend Poem kitty-cat 2 Jun 2nd
Two and Six Poem SoulKritiC Sex is the name Jun 2nd
Vertigo Poem Unseen.warfare Jun 2nd
Revenge Poem KingofWords 2 Revenge Self Respect Jun 2nd
If and When Poem nelgenielark anger, Fear, friends, friendship, Hope, hurt, LETTERS, love, Pain, teen, Travel Jun 2nd
One Last Goodbye Poem RoC 5 Jun 2nd
Through the Looking Glass (Her Name is Alice) Poem RoC 7 Jun 2nd
Late night wonderings Poem Feather-pillows #love #relationships #stars Jun 2nd
Hair Pain Poem allets Jun 2nd
Always a pleasure talking to you Poem running_with_rabbits 10 Jun 2nd
SOUL MATES Poem heatherburns35 1 Jun 2nd
No Title Poem kryptogenic emotion Jun 2nd
If I Had Three Wishes Poem allets 2 Jun 2nd
From the gutter it leaks Poem Anonymous Jun 2nd
Foolishly Dead Poem Vallantiel 2 Jun 3rd
At Dead Coddingtons' Tombs, Edwin Coddington, Historian; Considering Gettysburg Poem S74rw4rd Jun 3rd
True love matters. Poem boardergirl #Love #Relationships #Trust #Wonder #Secrets #Future Jun 3rd
At Lunch In Sychar On A Rather Warm Day Poem S74rw4rd Jun 3rd
Sore Poem L0st 1 #BreakUp #Relationships #Love #boy #boys #sad #depressed #feelings, #love Jun 3rd
Moving on. Poem boardergirl #BreakUp #Relationships #Love #betrayal #hate #guilt #anger #rage Jun 3rd
Wrote you off... Poem ThatCaptainguy Jun 3rd
Number on her veins Poem HuliganFish Jun 3rd
dream Poem sheridan_grilli dream water Jun 3rd
Kindness Poem Poet11 Jun 3rd
chezabell : mass in volumes/ one love Poem millyardo 1 love Jun 3rd
THE MELT DOWN Poem pbenarumairaj Obstruction of thoughts and the writer's inability move further Jun 3rd
Corps à corps Poem Morningglory fencing, fight, heart, love, match, opponents Jun 3rd
Ambivalence Poem Junip3rb3rry ambivalence, days, revel Jun 3rd
No More Pictures Poem Silver__lining Jun 3rd
I'll Be Seeing You Poem Silver__lining Jun 3rd
A Little Tune To The Back Drop of Drums Poem Silver__lining Jun 3rd
Best of Times Led To The Worst Poem Silver__lining Jun 3rd
Dream Girl Poem Silver__lining Jun 3rd
Days Ahead Poem workm Jun 3rd
There's Plenty Poem Silver__lining Jun 3rd
Dream Girl Invades My Real World Poem Silver__lining 2 Jun 3rd
If I Had You I'd Have It All Poem Silver__lining Jun 3rd
Nobody Is Laughing Now Poem Silver__lining Jun 3rd
23 Years In This Game Poem Silver__lining Jun 3rd
Bystander Poem iwonderwho 3 bullying, bystanders Jun 3rd
El Pajarito Libre Poem SoulKritiC amor mentirosa Jun 3rd
Hominid Quest Poem nightlight1220 2 face, God, homonid, new day, outstretched, sleep Jun 3rd
Free Bird- Her Verse Poem SoulKritiC 3 lying love Jun 3rd
White Dove, She be continued Poem SoulKritiC the unexpected Jun 3rd
Era, La Paloma Blanca....Segundo Verso Poem SoulKritiC sin amor Jun 3rd
true love never disappears Poem Nadine_18magdy Jun 3rd
The Year That Passed By Poem Kikaykit 3 Jun 3rd
White Dove, She was...Second Verse Poem SoulKritiC unfortunate fate Jun 3rd
Love Poem MikeNordeng #Haiku #Love Jun 3rd
Immortality Poem MikeNordeng #haiku #death #peace #grief #life #pain #scars #love #beauty Jun 3rd
Free Poem MikeNordeng #haiku #death #peace #grief #life #pain #scars #love #beauty Jun 3rd
Exploration Poem MikeNordeng #haiku #death #peace #grief #life #pain #scars #love #beauty Jun 3rd
Start Poem MikeNordeng #love #life #sad #angry #depression #rhyme #story #real #direct #deepthought Jun 3rd
Home Poem MikeNordeng #beauty #love #free verse #abstract Jun 3rd
Innocence Poem MikeNordeng Cinquain Poetry Jun 3rd
Perfect World Poem MattNaples 2 Jun 3rd
The Neighborhood Shuffle Poem MattNaples Jun 3rd
The Time Has Come Poem MattNaples Jun 3rd
Making Sense Poem MattNaples 4 Jun 3rd
Go Ahead And Turn This Into An Acronym Poem MattNaples 1 Jun 3rd
Play the Part Poem dancewmoonlight Jun 3rd
I wish I may, I wish I might..... Poem NightPollen Jun 3rd
Shards Poem Oroborus Azores, dreams, odd Jun 3rd
A Job to Die For? Poem Rose.T.Morrell life choices, Mistrust, new job, work Jun 3rd
The Psychic Poem Oroborus Jun 3rd
The Whore Poem Oroborus Jun 3rd
Please Plug In Poem Oroborus Jun 4th
Just like a Dalmation Poem Oroborus 2 Jun 4th
Panic by Proxy Poem Oroborus Jun 4th
So? Write your Manifesto later, it's dinner time Poem Oroborus 5 Jun 4th
Exponential Elegy Poem S74rw4rd Jun 4th
Epigram In " E " Poem S74rw4rd Jun 4th
They Knew Poem SoulKritiC the reality of Jun 4th
A Dragonfly's View Poem Squirrel1 2 Jun 4th
Slow death Poem Nursingapea 1 Jun 4th
BLUE Poem SoulKritiC feeling and moods Jun 4th
Oh bird Poem Mina freedom from thoughts Jun 4th
Personification of Pain Poem tsprings Jun 4th
April Flowers Poem tsprings Jun 4th
Love is A Drug Poem tsprings Jun 4th
Temporary Love Poem tsprings 1 Jun 4th
Pardon Me Poem tsprings Jun 4th
Spring Poem LutherSeahand 4 Jun 4th
A Shell Game Poem satchel Humor Jun 4th
Sound Origami Poem redacediamond Jun 4th
Harm None and Carry On Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 4th
Lady: The End Of The War Poem millyardo #heartbreak Jun 4th
Rise Above Bullies Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 4th
Who Is That Reflection In The Mirror Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 4th
Stand Up For Change and Believe in Yourself Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 4th
Enjoy Being Different Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 4th
Spring Storms the Door Poem Oroborus Jun 4th
A Dragonfly's View too... Poem Squirrel1 3 Jun 4th
You're Priceless Poem Anonymous Jun 4th
Anthem Of Poetry Poem Anonymous Jun 4th
Fearless Individualism Poem Anonymous Jun 4th
What favor? Poem Anonymous Jun 4th
Wings Of Dating Poem Anonymous Jun 4th
Splendorous Pink Friendships Poem Anonymous Jun 4th
Apologize. Fess up. Stop. Poem Anonymous Jun 4th
Love Stamp Poem Anonymous Jun 4th
Real Deal. No Artificial Boyfriend. Poem Anonymous Jun 4th
Ash Poem Miiranda31 Jun 4th
Graveyard Poem Miiranda31 Jun 4th
Frequency Poem Miiranda31 air pitch music rhythm town tractor supply Jun 4th
my other half Poem tweetybird Jun 4th
You put the Used in Abused Poem Oroborus Jun 4th
Tilt-A-Whirl Poem Oroborus Jun 4th
Ewoks Poem Oroborus 2 Jun 4th
Broken Heart Poem timodoug Jun 4th
Lets Get Lost Poem timodoug Jun 4th
Shes a canibal Poem HuliganFish Jun 4th
The Hole Poem Oroborus Jun 4th
Sigh, Tower Poem Sivus self Jun 4th
Among the ashes Poem HuliganFish Jun 4th
Hope In The Rubble Poem ramonathompsont Jun 4th
Lost Poem DarkLight 1 Lost friends Jun 4th
[100 words] Poem MattNaples 1 Jun 4th
Another Ghost Song Poem SoulKritiC 7 Holy Lies/Blasphemy Jun 4th
Forbidden Fruit Poem kosto Jun 4th
Minds Alike Poem SoulKritiC 1 intellectual connection Jun 4th
A Suicide Letter: I'm Sorry, I Love You Prose annasmith7813 2 Gay, letter, sad, Suicide Jun 4th
You're Beautiful Poem iwonderwho 4 Jun 5th
Shadows Never Tell Poem grandmomof3 5 Reminiscing Jun 5th
REFLECTION ON REFLECTIONS Poem pbenarumairaj 3 How life goes on right from our birth till old age and how much one is able to achieve Jun 5th
wenesday at midnight Poem sheridan_grilli random words that echoed in my dream Jun 5th
Hurt Poem DarkAurora 2 Jun 5th
Unknown Poem failpoet 2 Jun 5th
Checkered Flag Poem failpoet Jun 5th
Southpaw Poem failpoet Jun 5th
We Are Not Born To Hate Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 5th
My ode to Aberdeen Police & scotlands first minister Poem DaztheDruid 1 aberdeen, trump Jun 5th
Tonight Poem Northerly mature Jun 5th
"Cascade" Poem theoriginalavalon #sex #thoughts Jun 5th
The Gas Chamber Poem HuliganFish Jun 5th
Escape Artist Poem HuliganFish Jun 5th
"Condemned" Poem theoriginalavalon Jun 5th
The rape song [Sick] Poem HuliganFish 1 Jun 5th
Blue Eyed Poetry Poem Anonymous 2 Jun 5th
BLACK Poem SoulKritiC BOLD Jun 5th
Hellbound on my Trails Poem MrGone2morrow #love #faith #deep Jun 5th
Footnote: In A Warm Bath Poem S74rw4rd Jun 5th
Nihlist Poem HuliganFish Jun 5th
WHAT I HAVE Poem Layem 2 Jun 5th
were trapped! Poem oneinthegrave 1 Jun 5th
Empty House Poem demigodess 1 i need you. Jun 5th
I never could cut straight. Poem demigodess 1 #depression #pain #sadness #selfharm Jun 5th
La Canción que nunca se oyo Poem SoulKritiC amores perros Jun 5th
hand woven Poem demigodess 1 hanging Jun 5th
Hate is Poem DarkLight 1 release of anger Jun 5th
A BETTER ME Poem poetic-cosmo Jun 5th
God’s Deliverance Poem trumpet7 Jun 5th
"Russian Lover" Poem theoriginalavalon #tragedy #love #relationships #true love #romantic #romance Jun 5th
My Life Prose SoulKritiC love and determination Jun 5th
to them that who, through the ones with their minds above the navel... Poem pluguan Jun 6th
Fear of Mouth Poem pinkdot7 2 Jun 6th
Empandada Poem AngryLaughter Jun 6th
Blank Mind Poem pinkdot7 Jun 6th
Flee With Me Poem pinkdot7 2 Jun 6th
For the sake of sportsmanship Poem Morningglory hiding, Hunt, love Jun 6th
A day to remember Poem HuliganFish Jun 6th
Shadows Poem PaulFroggatt Jun 6th
Decisions Poem luispatino2 abortion, baby, bad, choice, couple, fake, family, future, give up, love, Lust, mistake, never, pregnacy, pregnant, relationship, Silent, teen Jun 6th
Should I or should I not? Poem Poet11 Jun 6th
The Night Watch Poem InsomniacPoet Jun 6th
*ring* Poem sheridan_grilli short night dreams Jun 6th
Lonely River Poem LutherSeahand 8 Jun 6th
HOW FAR AND HOW LONG? Poem pbenarumairaj and walking on the endless road, Life's itinerary Jun 6th
Be You And Learn From Those Around You Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 6th
Life Poem wolf 2 Jun 6th
Be The One Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 6th
Be Positive And Own It Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 6th
Inside the Briefing Room Poem AlbertSmith Jun 6th
The Morning Fire, The Day Quest, The Night Falls... Poem pluguan Jun 6th
Ode To America Poem Anonymous Jun 6th
Ribbons Of Pink Poem Anonymous Jun 6th
Strumming America Poem Anonymous Jun 6th
True Blue American Poem Anonymous Jun 6th
Picturesque Sisters Poem Anonymous 2 Jun 6th
Dead inside Poem HuliganFish Jun 6th
Untilted Unknown #2 Poem HuliganFish Jun 6th
We Don't Know Poem iwonderwho 4 Doubt, future, we don't know Jun 6th
The necrosis inside Poem HuliganFish Jun 6th
Nuances: Comrade Bureaucrat Poem S74rw4rd Jun 6th
In The Land Of Bullies Poem LittleLennonGurl Jun 6th
A Beautiful Lake Poem satchel Jun 6th
Insecurity Poem ADAPT 1 Jun 6th
فباي ذات Poem asaihati #Bible #Bible Verse #Death #Grief #Hell #Judgement Jun 6th
Footnote: Before Dawn Poem S74rw4rd Jun 6th
Footnote: Prior To Afternoon's Rush Hour Poem S74rw4rd Jun 6th
Showers of failure Poem Anonymous Jun 6th
MINE LAUGHTER TRILLS SO SWEET Poem palewingedpoetess Jun 6th
Burn Poem Vallantiel 2 Jun 6th
Animating Poetry Poem Anonymous Jun 6th
Flower Crystal Poem Anonymous Jun 6th
Robb Stark Poem wolf Jun 6th
I Tried Poem Vallantiel 2 Jun 6th
Regret Poem Breagan #confusion #frustration #try #scared #alone #life #struggle #fear #gettingthroughit #wondering #hope Jun 6th
Slow suffocation of only oxygen. Prose BabycakesBeeblebrox 2 I cannot write for you. Jun 6th