Silent Screams

Animal Rights


God, Indweller of all beings, whether the cry of Your humans, Your animals, birds, fishes and frogs

 is voiceless, or a scream,

overpower stubbornness overpower as an ocean wave ocwepours the shore.



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*A Silent Cry*


 October.30.2000 6-6:40pm

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


It's a tear drop no one can hear

A cry so silent only she can feel

This pain is getting stronger

This is what she feared

But now if anyone tried It's too deep to heal

She doesn't have the strength to go on any longer 


It's a silent cry

No one must find out about the pain in her heart

That sooner or later she knows she'll die

No one wants to know she's falling apart


She knows no one will for her care

So she lets the tear fall

And sits on the bed to stare

At the blank painted wall

Thinking to herself "This isn't fair."


Thinking and wondering if anyone would notice

If she was gone

If she disappears

Trying to figure out where she belongs

Wondering then would anyone hear her tears


Or would for every a silent cry be by her side

Would it be there forever

All she can do is sit in her room and hide

Not a person who shows they want her to stay

Or with her they want to be together 

Or to let people see 

To share their life with her another day

And to show that she can set the silent cry free


She wants to let this silent cry go away

To not have to worry 

If she'll live for another day

To everyone she doesn't want to be the main story



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Traffic, Clover Cleaving, Boehner's Seat, Silent Silky Slide, Frozen Feelings and 10 Other Poems

Poem Strings




Traffic, Clover Cleaving,  Boehner's Seat, Silent Silky Slide, Frozen Feelings and 10 Other Poems

-saiom shriver-

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Twelve lanes of

traffic at night

Some lights red

Some lights white.

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Mowers do

the clover cleave

and shred the

little violet leaves.

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Silent silky

slide of the

seawaves to the


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The sea sends

watery fans

to the shore

with gifts, here

an empty conch,

there a piece of

driftwood ribboned

with green seaweed.


Listening to the conch

we can here the omkar

of the sea giftgiver.

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Frozen feelings melt

and flow into pens,

recrystallizing as words.

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Soldiers have been shot

by firing squads for

'cowardice'.  Some of

these men were pacifists.

Others criticized unwise

attack plans. Still others

opposed suicidal strategies

designed only to further

an officer's career at the

cost of the lives of his men.

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A falling bomb

is crystallized hatred

dropping on all.


Drones are robots.

We delegate even

our killing.

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He decided not

to shovel

around his hovel

but to wait

for the sun's

more powerful

snow removers.

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Most dogs like most parents

love unconditionally....

As parents accept totally

the child Godsent... so

dogs love completely...

not caring about the

finances, external beauty,

intelligence, cleanliness

etc of their human companions.

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Ice cannot

fight ice.

But sun

on warm days

defeats ice

in a trice.

Hate can't

erase hate

but love


love from hate

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Keep your needle nazis

away from my Schatzie.

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How Congressman John Boehner And Other

Ohio Republicans Keep Their Seats.


These are the same Ohio Republican

worshippers of

Gerry Mander who stole the presidential

election from the Democrats in 2004.



Charles W Freeman: The wars of the US

have not cauterized problems but

metastasized them.


Boehner has been widely criticized for inviting Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before Congress without clearing this with the White House.

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Crew hired to chainsaw a row

of six 45 foot high pine trees.

Baby robins fall onto the asphalt.

An empty nest rolls down the driveway

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Into the night

comes the Light.

Light understands darkness.

Darkness does not understand light.

Great lovers reach out to those

who love less

not requiring return love.




John 1: 5   And the light shineth in darkness and the

darkness comprehended it not.

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She was an atheist. After

her beloved husband died

she began drinking heavily

.... her grief multiplied by

the thought that he no longer

existed at all.  God show

her that he still IS, that he

will love her forever, and that

he is happy.

Silent Melodies





The vine
his silent melodies
quite melony


-saiom shriver-

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Silent Cheer



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Over the pier
the sun without peer
suddenly appears
spreading cheer
silently stating
'nothing to fear'


-saiom shriver-

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Her Perspective

I found a girl, and saw her perspective
Silent, yet surprisingly reflective
They claimed she was away, entirely defective

But I knew otherwise just from the look in her eyes
I saw through the silent, and closed off disguise

And from there, I saw the immediate connection
Completely dissected, but still searches for true affection


Her warm, yet crooked emotion
A calmed, yet broken devotion


Silent, but struggling for her sound
and yet, still not a face found


Her skin torn, gone and rotten.
Her mouth stolen, words lost, ignored and forgotten.


She was exposed to all of the morbid things
Corrupted lies, and uneven broken wings


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew


And she left sudden, without a word,
Her existence she seen was too blurred


Before I could realize, she was gone and done
Did you ever wonder what life can become?


All she wanted to know if happiness was true
This is what I saw, this was the girl I knew..


September 12, 2013




She walks a strange peculiar walk,

sunglasses mask her piercing stare,

and yet the masses stop to gawk,

and whispers fill the Autumn air.


I know not why she walks this path,

she has no story to be told,

you'll feel no hatred in her wrath,

her smile will never keep you warm.


But when the people look at her,

they'll see a goddess with no fault,

when sanity begins to blur,

they will succumb as she has planned.


And in the end I know not of,

a way to bring her from the path,

her bleak and dreary kind of love,

will satisfy them none the less.


So let her falsely resonate,

with empty shells she echoes best,

for it will take a twist of fate,

to bring her ghostly form to life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a model I happened to run into today. 

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Living a life im not proud of leading, yet I still remain here, never have I though about leaving. Support you I will, even though what I do doesnt show what I feel. I dont think we would make it, and I hate having to fake it. But this is what we made, what we created. There werent no mistakes, there was just some bad choices, thats why we must follow through with this, and not ignore quiet voices. We will fight together, because its what we chose, but there will be no fairy tale, there will be no prose. Decisions were made without considering, and life will be lived without ever remembering.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about lust, and pregnancy. But about commitment and hate. Take the message how you want it. It can have many meanings. Please comment with what you think.

A silent kind of crying

Bitter taste
In my mouth,
A knot in my Stomach
And throat
Sitting in my room
I keep my breathing even,
And I don't make a sound,
Yet no matter how hard I try
The tears keep coming down.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments and thoughts appreciated.

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