Love at First Kiss

In her eyes,

I found my soul,

The heart she gave me,

Made me whole,


And when we met,

She took my breath

She made me wonder,

Have I met death?


For she was so pretty,

Her allure seemed serial,

Her heart magnanimous,

And her beauty ethereal,


I may not know everything,

But at least I know this:

When it came to passion,

All I needed was her kiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I met a girl during the Christmas holiday in Washington, D.C., and she sparked some inspiration for me to write this poem. I had been trying to write a poem for almost a year with no luck, until now. I wrote it over several days, and I am rather satisfied with the result.

Canned Meat

An arrow head in my mouth


Rations in calico 

Crying for the butler like a child for its mother

Lapping what I cache inside this trench 

Spread and cruxified 

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Bulging, budding 

cysts of glass,

sea foam green.

The inside of my loud mouth,

the part you suck on,

stuck like a baby to a breast. 

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Sex With You



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kisses soft against my legs, in circles


like the sweetness of your morning hug


leisurely pacing your way to my toes


as if tasting each one, carrying me to the place only we know,


i'm a million miles away, and yet feel you so close


next time i open my eyes, your hand like a mountain stream flows,


the touch feels like heaven as your body slides up,


and i kiss every inch that i can as you clutch


then loosen your hold to my hips now in time,


your tongue on my breasts, this is more than sublime,


enraptured i offer my hands to your pleasure


and to my surprise you decsend again, my breath answers


a sigh is released from its place deep within, 


the sound seems to stroke you, as if you've gone in


i feel chills down my spine and then up again


and i reach for your legs, and more kissing begins


your chin at my pelvis, and now there is thrust


making love to these parts we become like a chorus


inspirations are deep and our bodies begin to roam


heart and soul timing, like a precise metrodome


a plateau of pleasure, escalation does entice


we kneel face to face just to breathe the love from each other's eyes


then you reach for my face with both hands and we kiss


with angels' wings donned we revel deep into bliss


the breathing is faster, we grapple and vie


as i guide you by the hand, and upon me you lie


like raindrops from heaven, joined in blissful suspension


and we lay with the stars, the aftermath of ascension


flesh on our flesh you lean close as i drift


and i feel lips on my eyelids


as i think ...'it gets no better than this'.



12:45 PM 7/16/2013 ©



I Dream of a kiss

Love & Romance

I dream of a love; with perfect bliss

one attained from one sweet kiss.

A kiss so soft; you want it to last

a kiss so strong; you forget lovers past.

The body flushes in shades of red

a kiss so good; no words need be said.

Lips so sweet as if made from honey

behind those lips; a smile so bright its sunny.

A taste of cherries from a flavored drop

your lips so inviting; I kidd you not.

These are what I wish from thee

if only you'd choose; to be with me.

If you would love me as I love you

There's nothing in this world; we couldn't do!

A kiss from you; my heart skips a beat

one kiss from you and my knees grow weak.

A kiss from you would make my day

one kiss from you and I'll never stray!

I dream of a love like I've never known

I dream of us sharing a life and home.

I dream of you; loving me

I dream my dream; could truly be.

If you want love just like this...

then open your heart; and give me a kiss.



   ©Paul (ChryWizard) Posney 05/31/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for all the romantics out there like me...

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What I'm Gonna Miss


You know darlin’ I have to go
But I’ll be back for you, you know
I had a call, and gave an answer
The wait is eating me like cancer
I hate to leave you, but I must go
So right now I’m gonna show
Just how much you mean to me
When I leave, It’s gonna be:

What I’m gonna miss
Is the love in your kiss
The sunshine in your hair
The feeling when you’re there
The moonlight in your eyes
The teasing little white lies
You know I hate to leave like this
But that’s what I’m gonna miss

It’s time to go, I’m leaving now
And I just don’t know how
I’m gonna live without you
Can’t stop thinking about you
But you know, when I return
This job, well, It can burn
I’ll hold you in my arms
Abandon all life’s charms

Cause what I’m gonna miss
Is the love in your kiss
The sunshine in your hair
The feeling when you’re there
The moonlight in your eyes
The teasing little white lies
You know I hate to leave like this
But that’s what I’m gonna miss

Baby here I am right now
And you just won’t believe how
Thinking about you has kept me alive
Sittin’ on the frontlines, about to dive
Enemies surrounding me on every line
And I’m just waiting, biding my time
Wishing I were home, just kissing you
But instead I’m fighting here missing you

What I really miss
Is the love in your kiss
The sunshine in your hair
The feeling when you’re there
The moonlight in your eyes
The teasing little white lies
You know I hate to be here like this
But that’s what I miss

My last day, can’t wait to find
The girl of my dreams, always on my mind
Fought a war, and saved her from it
Hardest part was to overcome it
Driving down the driveway
You come running my way
Finally hold you, kiss you now
Looking back I don’t know how

All the things that I missed
The love in your kiss
The sunshine in your hair
The feeling when you’re there
The moonlight in your eyes
The teasing little white lies
You know I love to see you like this
Now there’s nothing more that I'm gonna miss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my attempts at a country song.... comment, rate, and enjoy

The Kissing Fear

Love & Sex

I no longer know it exactly
I've remembered it too much
But it was proof of your feelings
Wasn't it, babe?

The sweet, lingering, and seemingly emotional kiss
Continuous pressure of your lips on mine

As you know me from above
My arms around your head

And I felt you change
Your breathing; movement..
I knew you were higher

And you stayed with me
Face to face, lips as one
As you shook
Moved to heaven and back
You kept me with you

My heart is yours
I'm falling in 'SCARY WORD' and wonder if you might be too
But you don't want a capital 'R' Relationship

Sweet torture, bitter beautiful hell
how long shall I let this continue?

If you prove your love without a title,
As I hope and pretend that you have,
why should i seek the word?

If you need to be without words
to find yourself, Mr. 10 years in relationships
to try to become a complete person...

Am I needy or insecure,
or am I not standing up for myself?
Being Naive?

I despise this poem
For continuing on to the truth
Instead of ending with the kiss
Disney movies are made
to crush little girls
When love isn't what they expected
Situations are a bitch.

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The hour was late, and I had been exhausted
by a day ripe with things to do and to say.
I knew that there were people here, with me
and on top of me and standing just nearby;
people that I knew, all the same, but here
they felt like strangers without any sense.
One thing was simple and clear: she
had sought me out despite the absurdity;
and as she found me wounded on the bed,
she climbed in between me and the sheets.
We kissed for a moment, just long enough
to feel the heat and the anger and tension
breaking completely, as if something there had
finally met its inevitable end.
Then the intrusions, when hands had gone
off wandering in search of a fuller feel.
All laughing and smiles, each with a joke
but none with a thought of what had occurred.
After was moping and fewer good words
spoken to friends who squatted and stalled.
I had left for the shower, when light had bent
and then I was lying in a shallow pool of sweat.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did puffer on this one.


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Soft Kisses - EROTIC (Mature content)

Soft Kisses

Soft gentle kisses; placed on your neck

Tenderly moving, to your lips; luscious and wet.

Passion burning hot, our hearts are on fire

Your body trembling, with lustful desire!

Moving ever so slowly; to your bare naked breast

First one; then the other, I nibble and caress.

Words; whispered with love, for only my ears

Trust in my love, you have nothing to fear.

Soft gentle kisses, you bestow unto me

Looking deep in my eyes, where, love’s all you can see.

Held in your arms, we both feel the need

To show our love; as our passions; we feed!

Making wild love, where nothings held back

Fantasies once hidden, we turn into fact.

Exploring each other; with hands, lips, and tongue

Discovering an eternity of love, in a few hours of fun!

I lay at your side, my head on your breast

Your fingers stroking my cheek, as we joyfully rest.

Unspoken words; are shared with no sounds

Love’s been unleashed, it knows; no bounds.

Tender soft kisses shared between two

No doubt in your mind how I feel about you.

Rolling down your cheek; is a, single tear

Because… you’ve finely found love

It’s with me; my sweet dear.

©2005 Paul (ChryWizard). Posney

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