Last Supper with Hey-sus!!

"I only wanted to become a better person,

a better man, time made me an opportunist

with every second given I manipulated the

hands of time. I felt unforgiven, still do!

Only a few truly understand me beyond the

poet you know as Soulcritic, the rest hang on

my words like the last supper, but Hey-sus

isn't joining us; date night with Magdalena.

Judas is looking at me like I know where they

went. We eat, drink, and finish the last supper,

only the bones are left, feed them to your

savoir. Now the news of a new Messiah has

arrived, but of no virgin! I join the three wise

men, we are now the four horsemen, they give

me the pale horse to ride. In seven month the

savoir of mankind will arrive, I doubt he's going

to save the world only me. Judas is pissed-off

because he didn't get to sell-out Hey-sus with a

kiss; apparently he's wanted for treason and a

bounty is being awarded to the person who

gives him up. Judas got paid in advance, Pontius

Pilate wants his money or Hey-sus, he doesn't

have either so he hung himself outside the city,

what kind of dumbasses was Hey-sus rolling with?

12 broke fools, that's who!! willing to sell him out.

Anyways, I roll out, the four horsemen into the

night we ride; word of this new Messiah spreads,

many are protesting with anti-cries!!"

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