Freedom Bird and The Bird of Prey

I met a freedom bird as free

as she could be, born of the

same Zodiac sign as the Bird

of Prey, which I had never

encounter until I met her.

Perky she is, I am cranky she

says. That I know, but I'm a

poet and she knows it.

A freedom bird, independent,

and charming.

She can captivate any man she

chooses with her smile, I have

seduce woman with a simply

hello; that is how I gain her


Our characters are similar, we

do not communicate often and

I like it like that, she does too!

She hates snakes; the irony,

I am the Lizard King, the Bird

of Prey and we met in the year

of the snake.

She likes it when I slither in her;

However, she understands me

in my time of change; at least

that is what she shows, I do not

question her motives, for some

reason I stay quiet when she

corrects me.

Calms my nerves with a simple

kiss; the night she spread her

wings is now memorable, that

night I cannot forget. I will

confess, being of the same zodiac,

she is the female version of me,

and I am freak!

We get along, but my guilt keeps

me from caring about her

whereabouts, she is a freedom

bird after all, does as she pleases,

so if she chooses to be with me I

will be pleased to welcome her

and spread her wings...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Unpredictable like me she is!

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