Every Day Again

Every day I write again and again

and again, until my eyes tire or

the sandman steals my dreams;

In reality I am the sandman

borrowing dreams from reality,

sleeping with the enemy. Death

smells like fresh rosaries early in

the morning.

Every day I write again and again

and again, like I've told you

before, yet some only act like

they listen and continue to

question my passion for writing,

my love for poetry, and the

feeling I get behind the

microphone when the word is


Many poets are called, but only

a few destiny chose to make a

mark, take a stand and proclaim

our name;

I am Sergio Valencia a Fresno

poet, like Hernandez, Medrano,

Medina they came before and

paved the way for Dominquez,

Jasso, Zenz, and I to take pride

in our gift and share with the

world. A talent many posses,

but never flourish.

Every day day I write again and

again and again I will tell you this

is all I know. I write explicitly, I

write rants, I write criticism,

bluntly rude to get a point across,

don't expect less from the


I own my worth, and value the

soul of mankind enough to

critique it.

Every day I write again and again

and again, because if I didn't I

would probably seek and destroy t

hose who offend me, kill or be

killed mentality...yet the offensive

inspire me to be free and bleed my

rage on empty pages becoming

masterpieces of poetry.

I am offensive by nature, defensive

by culture. I also write about love

and pain felt by others, mothers and

fathers, brothers and sisters yours

and mine, political views, religious

lies, short stories, and more; the

audience chooses to focus on my

dark side.

Grumpy or Cranky is what some

have labeled me, to them I will say...

I better not!

Today I will continue writing like

yesterday, tomorrow like today, and

when I die I said it before from my


Every day I will write again and again

and again till death do us apart!

Any questions?? Keep them to yourself!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think this explains my point! I write for the passion not mention of name!

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