Another Ghost Song

1)   “Sunday morning services were never an eager thought to think—I stayed

                                                                                                            in bed hoping my parents would

forget about me and go to church without me; it was always a wish.”

2) I have been told since childhood that the fear of god makes one a believer of Christ—never met them!

3) Fear came in the shape of a woman; she told me,

                                                                         “I JUST KILLED YOUR BABIES.”

        4) Father of twins I would have been___

                5) remind me of god and your Christ—do they slaughter and murder the unborn;

                    the essence of life, if so, I WILL FEAR them.

6) At times when death came by to visit fear was her touch. Not how cold it was,

but the loneliness I felt after she was gone. Her visits are random now, which I miss…

                                                                                                                        7) “Hey, Mr. Preacher man, can you cut your so-called                          

                                                                                                                             sermon short! You’re boring me with your  

                                                                                                                             gibberish, holy nonsense, and I’m falling asleep on

                                                                                                                             this chair at noon on a Sunday morning—

                                                                                                                             HALLEf*****LUJAH—YOUR god is GHOST

                                                                                                                             and Christ its SHADOW.” 

                                               8) "I don't attend Sunday services anymore; sister's in

                                                   miniskirts showing cleavage give me hard-ons!

                                                   and holy water burns in Mass." 

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Morningglory's picture

My father, who was a priest

My father, who was a priest told me as he was dying that he'd "lost his faith a long time ago" and that "most of it's a bunch of BS."  But he appreciated the community aspect of it all.

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SoulKritiC's picture


Sorry to hear this about your father; I wish I could appreciate the community aspect of it all, but I can't swallow the lies!! Interesting! 


Morningglory's picture

Man, and his wife is the most

Man, and his wife is the most hypocritical woman I've ever known. Not a good representation of what the church is supposed to represent. Personally, I can't stomach churches.  They've always kinda creeped me out. (but, I like some of the architecture and artwork) I don't judge others for having the faith though. To each their own...

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SoulKritiC's picture

The art is beautiful!

I agree, my father was a minister for ten years, now he is a dialysis patient the last four years; not one soul-called brother has come by to visit and ask how he is doing! Talk about hypocrites, but they were around when the church he preached at brought in the dough! I never said word to them, because my rage is best shown of paper! and I don't believe in judging people either, yes to each their own! It is clear that you and I now share a common interest; the architecture and artwork at these institutions of mind slavery!! The last couple days I have met two increadible poetess. 


Morningglory's picture

Thank you, soul. It's a

Thank you, soul. It's a pleasure to have met you. Dove is amazing, I agree. 

My step mother cut me out of the will. I guess I didnt have the right blood.... Hers. Lol!

I never expected anything anyway. I don't know why I'm telling you this. Now I have to redeem myself. How petty that statement just seemed. I just find the whole thing a bit comical.

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SoulKritiC's picture

We express that why

no worries, I too find it comical in a way, its not often or daily we as poets open up to people other than the pages we write on; however, beautiful connections are made and that's awesome! I say live, love, laugh daily (of course, I read that on a sign) :)


Morningglory's picture

Amen to that! and lol!

Amen to that! and lol! Peace... :)

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