Immaculate High

"As my mind slips away I begin

to see the shadows dancing under

the moonlight.

I join in the dance that will set this

night on fire, evoke the dead, and

speak to them my worries and


The dead are silent and only nod

their head. At least they listen by

reading between the lines of the

words I speak off.

To some I may be crazy, even

delusional. I do hear voices at

times having conversations about

me, usually the time sleep sets sail

as I fail to dream.

The boat slowly rows down the

river Styx, home is to the horizon,

Xibalba I'm coming to you.

As I slip in and out of conscious a

panoramic view of my life flashes

before me like an 8mm movie

playing on the wall.

Silence in heavy enough to feel the

weight consuming my sanity into

insanity, my insane asylum are my

thoughts tormenting me, alone I

break and take a life away, mine!

Obscured vision now becomes an

owls sight, guiding thru the dark

with ease slithering in between

thighs that bleed, and birth canals

that reek of pestilence and decay.

Moloch, your name is praise in

darkness, light of a pagan, orgies

are demonic spawns with

mermaids; women of the night.

As I slip back to reality, I'm

sadden because I rather be dead

then to carry a heart with no love

in a life full of sin and misery.

Yet the night is still young by three

in the morning Hells gates open and

breaks lose upon the city, many will

die; some will kill themselves, the

rest upon the hands of others.

Finding clarity means selling your


I'm back where I started from, feels l

ike I never left. Excuse while I reload

the moments again and burning them

into the night. 

Consuming an Immaculate High!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

breath in slowly, hold it, breath out!! 

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