Free Bird- Her Verse

"The free bird took its flight,

through clouds traveling

single, and when she comes

to my nest says I am missed.

Already, I am forgetting her

and the day she came to my


I decided to pay her no

interest and if she wants,

she knows how to get to my


Free bird go on your way,

but I want you to know that

I know you are a treacherous

butterfly dressed as a bird,

you keep flying free and

loose. "

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Butterflies come in different broads!!

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Morningglory's picture

"butterflies com in different

"butterflies com in different broads" lol! Liked the poem 

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SoulKritiC's picture

Too many broads..

Thank you again! and yes, too many broads paint a perfect picture; but I see through them! :)


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Well, some are easy to see

Well, some are easy to see through... Just gotta keep your eyes open.

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