true love never disappears

i loved you yesterday,the day before today
i'm loving you the moment of today
i will love you tomorrow,the day after today
forever and always. my love for you will stay
cuz my love for you, never decreased oneday
and i start to love you ,even more everyday
i promise to prove the power of my love day by day
even if the conditions insisted to take you away,
this is what they call it the power of love
the strengh and the insistance of true love
the determination of the feeling,and the purity of the soul
the dancing of the hearts when we're getting to each other close
days,weeks,month's and years
we've spent them togethor so happy and pleased
but nothing lasts forever,they took you away and we're no longer togethor
i know it is not in your hands..and you wanted to stay with me..
but they chose you. and you were forced to leave !!
they neeeded you for a better position,joining the navy
and i'm here all alone, praying for a miracle to get you back for me
you know you never wanted that,cuz it would take you away
but trust me ,wherever you go ,my love will always remain
we will suffer from distance and scars won't easily fade
but my love will never disappear.
and we shall have no we are always to each other sincere
no one could ever make up apart...
cuz they can't take from me a part of my heart
i know you are now so far
but you are always near to my heart
my day without you is sary,dull and dark.
but what keeps me hanging on is receiving your cards.
i will be waiting for you...i know you will be back
i love you so much and ofcourse you know that
my heart will never forget you , and my mind too
cuz you you've always been on my mind so how can't i remember you?
missing you is hard..and it is killing me ,
i'm sending you cards with the drops of my tears
i know you hate to see me crying,
but i'm sorry my darling this is how i really feel
now i want you to make sure and certainly believe that,
far from me or so near...true love will never disappear !!!

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