Awake again...

An American Prayer is all I know,

I'm a spy in their dreams and

deepest desires when they sleep.

I was born with the right to bear

arms and freedom of speech...

Wal-Mart is the New World Bank,

and McDonalds feeds poison in a

Happy Meal.

If I come in peace, I would be

shoot dead on arrival...

I got a six shooter with silver

bullets, all child molesting priests

will be shot in Sunday Mass.

Along with the wolves in sheep

clothing who rape the minds of the

weak; religion is for fools who

don't believe in themselves!

Virgins worship my holy cock,

and pray that I may have my ways

with their mind, body, and souls.

I can save them from the night,

but not from the light of day.

retreat into caves with the children

of insanity, run to the hills when the

beast begins to roam in search of

blood, death is forgiven and no one

meets their end.

Fanatics will scream,

"Oh, Lord why have you forsaken me!"

Realizing their Lord was an idol made

of wood, hollow like their eyes, shallow

like their thoughts of hope, follow me

through the purgatory and the nine gates

of Hell, home is where we'll dwell.

I am the sandman with an American

Prayer, the Anti-Christ was born in 1977,

the year of the snake...tomorrow I will say

this prayer again!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I pray in the name of Moloch!

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