Two and Six

She became two times my lover;

once under the sun, twice in my

bedroom with the window open

as the moonlight radiance

illuminated the scene—

lust was the scent in the air.

Three is the magic number she

lives by before she offers her

body with a sexual appetite for

destruction; I kept count,

penetration was on the fourth


pure unadulterated raw sex.

I like the smell of purity in the

air like fresh brewed coffee in

the morning to start your day.

A self-proclaim free bird; a

blue bird imprinted on her

body confirms her freedom.

One and five she did it for fun—

Five to one lucky I am to have

come out alive.

Many have died under her


Two and Six and between to get

her fix—Six and Two a

promiscuous free bird had no

clue of my intentions.

The morning came with the

Rooster’s crow next to me she

laid. Cock in her hand ready to

score like a fiend for black tar

she shivered for more—

Two times my lover. Six times

fucking, she is better at sucking.

When she asked for the Sabbath

I rebuked her in the name of the

Holy Rooster whose cock must

rest on that day.

She flew away in a demonic rant

speaking in tongues; she is now 

known as a Raven.

I have not seen her since.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She will always be a blue bird to me!! 

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