White Dove, She was...Second Verse

Alone counting the feathers of her wings, and I wonder,

“Why am I not happy?

If the fruit that I await for could be my salvation and my

way to heaven! But, I feel condemned and I am paying

for my sins with the wishes of the Dove; who does not

feel a drop of love for, nor heat to provide.

I know the day the fruit of our passion is born will be the

happiest day of my life, and the Dove with the desire that

I stay with her keeps, because she does not want to be left

alone, she says it is not fair to live alone with her quarry.

It is not fair that I become the answer to her past; it is sad,

but sadder is if I stay for convenience and not for the love

that I do not feel for her.

I turn half-ways and silence, her suffering is all I hear, but

little by little I am learning her roll.

Xibalba, between your veins I find myself! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

time is essence of our fate!

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