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Let you burn..


I'm mesmerized, tongue tied by this path ive givin life to..

Yearning for the hollow love I once had but did not enjoy... Wanting it now, for the simple reason that I want his heart in my hand, with me in control of what he endures..

Im a savage waiting to make my move to take all that I can get, just like when he threw his first pitch to me with his selfish heart he now regrets...

Regrets the damage he invested, because now he knows that I see his ruthless intentions .. He's moody and acts like a bitch and seeks attention.. One day he will feel my wrath and wish for some sort of protection.. Because the fire that lives inside of me is only getting stronger.. And as long as he's alive I'll be stringing him along..for him to feel the pain he made ME feel inside.. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

something I wrote the other Night, after deep realization..

there was a girl

there was a girl

older than me
but young in life
there was a girl
with clear skin
and a beautiful scattering 
of freckles, 
like a picturesque scattering
of seeds 
waiting to bloom 
into flowers
there was a girl
who loved music 
especially old folk tunes 
that remind her of her childhood
and riding her motorbike
recklessly on her own
there was a girl
who had suffered 
too much for her age
and yet she only trusted
a few
with the dark secrets 
beneath her smile
there was a girl 
different to the rest
not only in who she was
but also
the way 
she made me feel
there was a girl
who changed 
everything I thought I knew
about life 
and who I was
there was a girl
who blessed me 
with kisses and love
and company 
in my single bed
there was a girl
who would hold me
comfort me
care for me 
love me
there was a girl
I hurt 
I abandoned
for shallow acceptance
from my peers
there was a girl
who was in pain 
needed a friend
needed help
there was a girl 
who found 
her savior
in a bottle 
of pills
and then suddenly
there wasn't 
a girl

Bargaining for hope

Deep within me I hold anger.
Remnants on that cold December day filled with despair.
You caused me pain.
What I thought was bright is now cloaked in darkness.
I bargained for hope.
I no longer have control.
I can not change what I can not control.
The feelings of anger,
Have blinded my sight of hope,
And replaced with despair.
This bitter, broken heart consumed by darkness.
The penetrating pain.
I still feel that pain.
These tears I shed I have no control.
Every night I cry in darkness.
Consumed by my bitter anger.
The feeling of despair.
How it feels to have no hope.
Where is hope?
I ask in pain.
For there is despair.
I can no longer control,
This raging anger.
I am left in darkness.
You showed me darkness.
You left me with no hope.
This heart holds anger. 
Do you understand my pain?
My emotions in your control,
Leave me in despair.
I am given despair.
You have shown me darkness.
Will I ever gain control?
I will seek hope.
Time will heal my pain.
I will let go of anger.
My anger for your infidelity left me in despair.
I feel pain in lonely darkness.
I bargained for hope, and lost control. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this at work. Based on the feelings that I had when my ex-fiancé left me.


What are we?

Because at this point I don’t know if I can even call you a friend

One minute you are dying to see me

 To hold me

 To kiss me

 To be with me

And as soon as the hand turns you disappear nowhere to be found

My messages unanswered and my heart broken

no reasons, no arguments, you were gone without a trace 

You walked into my life

Cared for me

Wanted me

Loved me

You made feel beautiful, as if I was the only girl in the entire world

I was happy again

But you took that away from me

I hate that you have that power


You took that away from me and threw away the key

Moving on.

You use to say to me I'm pretty until you met her,

you use to say "hey beautiful" but now its changed to sup?

I use to be your heartbeat but now I'm my own,

we use to be like shining stars in the sky all night long.


I never once heard you say "I love you, Baby"

I won't forget it after how you treated me like that,

I regret every thing we did and our memorable memories,

I use to be your beating heart, your smile, your warmth, and your bandade.


I did every thing to make you smile and feel great all day,

I use to give you my heart when you were sad,

I sent you things for your birthday but you did nothing for me,

We use to be like paper and glue... Always together.


I will never talk to you again or do as we did,

I'm so glad we're over and lost to the sea,

you always wanted me to make your day and crack an laugh,

but I'm gone now and left you behind... I'm moving on bright and shiny.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my song.... You like??

Girl in a foggy mirror

Waking up just brings me down
Thoughts of you not being around.
Becoming nothing more than a stranger to me like i've never seen before
Broken hearted, time wasted, lack of fun
If were meant to be together...
Change the way you see the weather...
You're a ghost, fragmented memories wisped away
I've grown accustomed to all the hate.
I miss my old friend, whom always be there
Instead you're nothing more than a girl with out care

So That's How It Is

Fuck You

You arrogant self-absorbed son of a bitch

Fuck You

Should have known the words you whispered would switch

Fuck You

As soon as you conquered the challenge I posed

Fuck You

You stole the bloom off this fragile rose.


I offered you everything – sun, moon and stars

I asked only for caring – help to heal my scars

You knew of the wounds I’d suffered from other men

You knew I was searching for more than a friend

I gave you my faith, trust, hope and love

I thought you were the answer sent from above

You took all I gave in the blink of an eye

You left me devastated, wondering why


One time

You claim only one time with me?

Caught Feelings

You demean our talks of what we could be?

No biggie

You belittle all that you took?


You toss me out like a worn comic book?


I will heal, I will mend, with time I’ll be fine

I know eventually I’ll recover what’s mine

You on the other hand have suffering in store

You have to live with your actions in your core

I know your God has seen all your deeds

I know His forgiveness is what you will need

You are doomed I know in the future not far

Your princess’ll have a man leave a similar scar


I gave, You stole

I prayed, You rolled

I confessed, You deceived

I stressed, You leave

You’ll pay, I’ll live

You’ll suffer, I’ll give

You’ll rue, I’ll thrive

You wounded, but I’m alive

My journey with the angle

My journey started in the rain
under the darkness of a cloudy sky
I walked the streets cane in one hand
the rain was a blessing in disguise though

because it was there that I met an angel
she walked towards me placing her hand in my other hand

we walked together in the rain
away from my town

I looked at the angel holding my
hand and she reminded me of my lover

who used to hold my hand
whenever we were together

The angel wasnt wet like I was
walking in the rain all this time

nor was she tired like I was
so tired I wasn't able to ask who she was

We walked to a larger town and finally stopped
by the grave of my lover who
I have been missing all these years

Meanwhile the rain stopped
The clouds vanished and a rainbow appeared

The angel came closer and with a sad disappointed
face asked if I remembered her

I answered with a shocked looked I did not
and a few tears still in my eyes remembering my lover

The angel explained that when she was alive
she wanted to expose the affair
my lover was having with my boss
because she was also in love with me

and when my lover and boss died in
the same car during an accident
she couldnt live being the only one who knew the truth
so she took a sharp blade and slit her wrists
to end all those feelings
for someone who did not even know her name