Monthly Archive for March 2002

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Lord of the Cats & Rats Poem saiom Mar 1st
He Gave Us The Sea Poem saiom Mar 1st
30 Pieces of Gold Poem saiom 1 Mar 1st
Mixed Feelings Poem brokenalive Mar 1st
God Bless America Poem saiom 1 Mar 1st
* Poems Holy Places Poem saiom Mar 1st
Jesse Jackson Poem saiom Mar 1st
House for Sale Poem rbcwalters Memories Mar 1st
Lips Full of Kisses Poem pudnsis1 3 Poetry/Writing Mar 1st
Kenneth Daniel Gay Poem aspiringangel 6 love Mar 1st
Random Poems 62: Poem saiom Mar 1st
A place for you Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Lost love Mar 1st
* Poems To Holiness Universal Poem saiom 1 Mar 1st
Embrace and Hug Poem blumentopf 1 Existential Mar 1st
His Smile Poem blumentopf 2 Faith Mar 1st
Not Salmon but Saffron Poem saiom Mar 1st
Disarming Fearlessness Poem saiom Mar 1st
Hospitality to All Poem saiom Mar 1st
Amber Rose Poem saiom 1 Mar 1st
* Poems To Spirit In Women's Bodies Poem saiom Mar 1st
* Poems To Two Made One Poem saiom 1 Mar 1st
Michael Dukakis Poem saiom Abuse Mar 1st
Lonly Nights Poem bazs_kitten 2 Being Loved Mar 1st
How It Starts Poem bazs_kitten 1 Hate Mar 1st
Green Poem saiom Mar 1st
Random Poems 46: 221 Green and Other Poems Poem saiom Mar 1st
The Pigeon Or The Dove? Poem aspiringangel 6 Comedy/Humor Mar 1st
Quiet Poem onelilartist Mar 1st
Pruning Me Poem onelilartist 1 Mar 1st
Empty Nest Poem onelilartist 1 Mar 1st
She Opened her Eyes Poem dyingpoetkr Acceptance Mar 1st
There's a Painting In My Head Poem onelilartist 1 Mar 1st
My Best Friend Poem onelilartist 4 Mar 1st
Remediation Poem onelilartist Mar 1st
Sans You... Poem moser Loneliness Mar 1st
Years Have Passed Poem dyingpoetkr death Mar 1st
I Have NO Regrets Poem onelilartist 1 Mar 1st
Untitled -- 1.28.2002 Poem twilight_stranger Mar 1st
Never See You Again Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Lost love Mar 1st
Shoes Poem dyingpoetkr Political Mar 1st
Misty Moonlight Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Illegal Limitations To Free Speech, Jayflying, Flawless Poem saiom 1st amendment, disturbing peace, false advertising, Free speech, libel, slander Mar 2nd
Your Lips Release Poem hccgirl04 1 Mar 2nd
Love Hurts Poem mhippychick 1 Abuse Mar 2nd
A Bee Named Hector Poem saiom 1 Mar 2nd
The Devil In Me Poem mhippychick 4 Beauty Mar 2nd
Here We Are Again Poem jdarronm 1 Mar 2nd
River's Lament Poem jdarronm 1 Mar 2nd
Above Us Poem jdarronm 2 Being Loved Mar 2nd
River Poem jdarronm 1 love Mar 2nd
SUBTERFUGE. Poem kiwi 2 Danger Mar 2nd
Fear Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
The Wedding. Poem mhippychick 4 Hope Mar 2nd
Dieting Dreams Poem mhippychick 1 confusion Mar 2nd
I Just Slipped Out The Back Door - in loving memory of our dear friend and colleague, Tony Brightwell 22/08/2015 RIP Poem mhippychick 4 Beauty Mar 2nd
Golden Flight Poem hccgirl04 1 Mar 2nd
I Wish Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Tender Kisses Poem hccgirl04 1 Mar 2nd
Your Voice. Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
MomMom Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Love You True Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Angel Toes Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
suicide Poem dangerous_addiction 1 Mar 2nd
Spiral Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Tenderness Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Falling Stars Poem hccgirl04 2 Mar 2nd
Love On A Roller Coaster Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Flowers Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Star Dust Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
In The End Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Dreamed Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Love Let Her Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Melodic Memory Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Fly Faster Angel Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Our Music Poem hccgirl04 1 Mar 2nd
Love In Mind Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Endless Thoughts Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Sail Away Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Up The Down Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Visions Poem hccgirl04 Mar 2nd
Liberation Poem abanico 1 Mar 2nd
The Saint Poem abanico 2 Mar 2nd
O Who... Poem starlite Fate/Destiny Mar 2nd
Needing You Poem starlite love Mar 2nd
Sanit T. Poem starlite Other Mar 2nd
Depicted Sorrow Poem aspiringangel 3 Suicide Mar 2nd
[] ارحلي Poem asaihati 2 Mar 2nd
My Perfect Man Poem twilight_stranger 2 Being Loved Mar 2nd
The Introduction Poem aspiringangel 5 Mar 2nd
Dos Ritos Poem saiom Mar 3rd
* Poems Generosity Entire Poem saiom Mar 3rd
I Remember You and I Poem starlite_angel 3 Mar 3rd
The Tinman Poem aspiringangel 12 Mar 3rd
Ball to Ballllooooon Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Me and My Month Poem pudnsis1 4 History/Past Mar 3rd
Squirrels at NIH And Other Thoughts Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Sun Dyed at Dawn Poem saiom 1 Mar 3rd
Mimosa Tree Grace Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Lady Wind Oer Mere's Fan Poem saiom 1 Mar 3rd
Nepal Cascades Poem saiom 1 Mar 3rd
[] في سكون الليل Poem asaihati Mar 3rd
In Dreams Poem oh_so_odd 1 Mar 3rd
The way he said it Poem tweety_32 Mar 3rd
Painful Silence Poem starlite_angel 2 Mar 3rd
Dee-Dee Poem tweety_32 Mar 3rd
One once more Poem tweety_32 Mar 3rd
I Am Poem starlite Other Mar 3rd
Mirror Mirror Poem starlite_angel 5 Mar 3rd
Ere She Saw Wellington Poem saiom Mar 3rd
No More Ex Cathedra Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Instantaneous Miracles Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Fog Of Semantics 2: Animal Torture, Scapemouse, Crab Plea Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Bellringer Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Grace Dove And Other Poems Poem saiom 1 Mar 3rd
Tree Of Life Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Thermobaric Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Constantinaples Poem saiom Mar 3rd
* Poems To Fishes Poem saiom Mar 3rd
God's Obedient Pets Poem saiom Mar 3rd
* Poems Of Form and Formless Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Pass God On Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Eastridge Poem saiom Mar 3rd
* Seapoems V: 72 Brief Poems To The Sea Poem saiom 6 Mar 3rd
Firebird Poem saiom 1 Mar 3rd
Ways To Make A Rainbow Poem saiom 1 Mar 3rd
Random Poems 45: God's Animal Gurus, Warp and Woof and Other Poems Poem saiom Mar 3rd
WE WILL MISS YOU!! Poem chick20a00dee Mar 3rd
No Bare Feet Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Red, White, And Blue Poem chick20a00dee 1 Compassion Mar 3rd
Society of Three Legged Animals Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Instant Focus Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Can My Dreams Come True Poem chick20a00dee Compassion Mar 3rd
Bird Communion Poem saiom 1 Mar 3rd
Beyond Rupees And Rubies Poem saiom Mar 3rd
IF YOU GIVE A TERRORIST A BOMB Poem chick20a00dee 2 Other Mar 3rd
What a friend is Poem brokenalive Mar 3rd
Semantic Violence or A New Dictionary Poem saiom 1 Mar 3rd
Universal Showers Of Earth Air Wind And Fire Poem saiom Mar 3rd
Black Sphinx Poem saiom Mar 3rd
To MAS Poem angelcrane friendship Mar 4th
"Que pasa..Raza? Poem SoulKritiC 1 Life/Living Mar 4th
You Are Too Kind Poem TREXPATTON 3 Mar 4th
For some Poem giajl War Mar 4th
Two Roads; One Way... Poem SoulKritiC Acceptance Mar 4th
Alpha and Omega..... Poem SoulKritiC Devastation Mar 4th
Passing Fancy Poem hushbaby Mar 4th
Picture Perfect Poem hushbaby Mar 4th
Over Poem tweety_32 Mar 4th
Wrench Poem hushbaby 2 Mar 4th
Bowling Alley Kid Poem hushbaby 1 Mar 4th
In love Poem iceblocker2003 Mar 4th
Lucid Dream Poem adamrice 5 dreams Mar 4th
MUST YOUR SOUL DIE TOO Poem giajl death Mar 4th
falling Poem tylerbaptiste death Mar 4th
Sad Father Poem iceblocker2003 Mar 4th
Puppetmaster Poem hushbaby Mar 4th
School Poem iceblocker2003 Mar 4th
Pirates Poem iceblocker2003 1 Mar 4th
Flaming Love Poem iceblocker2003 1 Mar 4th
I am Anything but You Poem sweetiepeachy Mar 4th
If I Had to Leave Poem starlite love Mar 4th
Saturday Night Poem sirknight 1 Loneliness Mar 4th
HATE!! Poem SoulKritiC Faith Mar 4th
There is a hollow 'tween my shoulder and my throat. Poem onelilartist 4 Mar 4th
Buddha's Vines Poem saiom 1 Mar 4th
Crippled Poem starlite_angel 1 Mar 4th
I See You in Me Poem starlite_angel 3 Mar 4th
[]1 خـــاطـــره Poem asaihati Mar 4th
You Shied Away,or Did You? Poem pudnsis1 2 love Mar 4th
Spring In the Air Poem pudnsis1 2 Nature/Environment Mar 4th
If life means living without you Poem Sasha_J Lost love Mar 5th
Directions To Me Poem Sasha_J 1 love Mar 5th
SPEECHLESS Poem serene Imagery Mar 5th
SILENT THOUGHTS Poem serene 1 Self-doubt Mar 5th
I WANT Poem serene Bittersweet Mar 5th
TO THE LUCKY ONES IN LOVE Poem emmenay 1 Mar 5th
Wind Of The Sea Poem Sasha_J 2 Imagery Mar 5th
Ih...??? Poem starlite Comedy/Humor Mar 5th
No Vacancy.....(none) Poem SoulKritiC Dark Love Mar 5th
Bored in Class Poem starlite_angel 4 Mar 5th
your voice in my ear. Poem link Mar 5th
Guys like you Poem starlite_angel 3 Mar 5th
The Haunted House Poem SoulKritiC Dark Mar 5th
Understand Poem starlite friendship Mar 5th
And Your Point Would Be??? Poem onelilartist 5 Mar 5th
Unthawed Poem onelilartist Mar 5th
What If I Am? Poem onelilartist Mar 5th
Ten Things I Hate About Winter Poem onelilartist 5 Mar 5th
Enigmatic Poetry Poem twilight_stranger 2 confusion Mar 5th
"Look At Me" * Poem ontheverge 3 Space & Time Mar 5th
La hipocresia de la vida Poem zoyara 2 Hate Mar 5th
IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL A WORLD? Poem emmenay Anger NonViolent Mar 5th
He Picked me a Rose Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Lost love Mar 5th
Never Given Thanks Poem dyingpoetkr youth Mar 5th
Close The Door... Poem cornaflakegrrrl 1 Mar 5th
Untitled Poem cornaflakegrrrl 2 Mar 5th
Precious Baby Poem cornaflakegrrrl 5 Anger NonViolent Mar 5th
With The Wings of a Butterfly... Poem cornaflakegrrrl 6 Mar 5th
Zip Poem cornaflakegrrrl Mar 5th
Angel, Cherub, Little Bird... Poem cornaflakegrrrl 7 Mar 5th
Writing for the Public Poem dyingpoetkr 2 Poetry/Writing Mar 5th
Knowledge Poem cornaflakegrrrl 2 Mar 5th
Precious Roses Poem dyingpoetkr youth Mar 5th
Milk Poem dyingpoetkr love Mar 5th
Ice Cube Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Hate Mar 5th
She Holds the World In Her Hands Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Angels Mar 5th
She Makes Me Sick Poem dyingpoetkr 1 youth Mar 5th
Together Forever Poem dyingpoetkr Passion Mar 5th
Penny For Them Poem cornaflakegrrrl 1 Mar 5th
Dusting Poem cornaflakegrrrl 2 Reality Mar 5th
Anonymous Insignificant (2) Poem cornaflakegrrrl 2 Acceptance Mar 5th
Anonymous Insignificant (1) Poem cornaflakegrrrl 1 Change/Transition Mar 5th
Don't Come Home Poem dyingpoetkr 1 Abuse Mar 5th
And to the World Poem dyingpoetkr love Mar 5th
Empty Poem chick20a00dee Acceptance Mar 5th
Loneliness Poem chick20a00dee Loneliness Mar 5th
You Poem chick20a00dee friendship Mar 5th
The Path Poem chick20a00dee Life/Living Mar 5th
Will The Children Learn Poem cornaflakegrrrl 1 choices Mar 5th
River Duck Life Poem iceblocker2003 Mar 6th
A Mishap Poem iqbalar 1 Mar 6th
THE FROGS (GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!) Poem kelvin_j_patterson 2 War Mar 6th
Daydreaming Poem iqbalar 1 Mar 6th
Subtlety Melts Into Space Poem saiom Mar 6th
As Mother Looks On A Toddler's Fall Poem saiom Mar 6th
Angel Poem iceblocker2003 1 Mar 6th
Subsitute beauty Poem iceblocker2003 Mar 6th
Crazy People Poem iceblocker2003 1 Mar 6th
I Read Between the Lines Poem onelilartist 1 Mar 6th
Kiss The World Goodbye* Poem sweetiepeachy Mar 6th
River Triumphs Over Rock, Scissors, Paper Poem saiom Mar 6th
Slime to Lime Poem saiom Mar 6th
Water is the Last to Forgive Poem saiom Mar 6th
Lust Becomes Love Poem saiom 1 Mar 6th
GOD Poem kelvin_j_patterson 4 religion Mar 6th
Searching... Poem SoulKritiC Emotionless Mar 6th
Polyester Pearls Poem cornaflakegrrrl 2 Mar 6th
Scared of the Dark Poem starlite Mar 6th
Matthew Brown Poem onelilartist 1 Mar 6th
Jennifer Dunn Poem onelilartist 1 Mar 6th
Robert Bishop Poem onelilartist 2 Mar 6th
A Poet Bares The Soul Poem onelilartist 12 Mar 6th
Uncommon Devotion Poem saiom Mar 6th
Why I Went Into Teaching (and other ridiculous notions) Poem onelilartist 3 Mar 6th
You let her go Poem running_with_rabbits 3 Lost love Mar 6th
DEATH'S RITUAL Poem serene 1 Dark Mar 6th
التاريخ يتكلم Poem nile_heart Mar 6th
Ocean of Rain and Ink Poem starlite Mar 6th
If you Believed in Me Poem Nicole.J.Burgess 2 Loneliness Mar 6th
Poems of March 3rd Poem michael 1 Mar 6th