Illegal Limitations To Free Speech, Jayflying, Flawless

Law Bows To Love



Most countries limit free speech
1. Spreading panic and possible lethal stampede by falsely
shouting fire in a crowded theater
2. Disturbing the peace by yelling around sleeping people at 3am
3. Hiding behind hate masks: Should the KKK when demonstrating be required to remove their hoods
remove their hoods
4. Shouting insults at the umpire has gotten people ejected from the stadium
5. Lying is illegal when one is in a courtroom giving testimony
6.  One can be sued for false advertising.. for deliberate misleading speech
7.  One can be sued for libel .. for slander
8. Endangering life by promoting lethal pharmaceuticals etc.
9. making death threats over the phone or by mail is illegal
10. It is unlawful for adults to attempt to seduce children
11. Children are not allowed to scrawl words on other people's walls
caregivers wipe off the walls
12. Violation of privacy through posting of personal information


However, the wholesale censorship of debate on the safety of vaccines is
an illegal power play by search engines, social media, tv networks,
vaccine companies making tens of billions, patent holders at NIH & CDC
B. The ownership of 90% of the radio waves in the US by Republicans is a
violation of free speech
C. The unelected Republican Supreme Court justices' ruling that money is free speech
is a corruption of the 1st amendment allowing billionaires to buy elections


Birds don't worry
about jaywalking..
or jayflying

(to Jay and Freya Dinshah)


Because he rescued
an ox on the Sabbath
they called the
man lawless.
He chose
not earth law
but God's
design flawless

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to Jay Dinshah, founder
of the North American
Vegan Society of Malaga
NJ 08328.. who influenced
many vegan activists
.. continuing his
father's tradition
of healing education.
(His father's color
healing machines
were smashed by the FDA)

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