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Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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Reading, listening to classical songs, viewing movies and TV plays, etc.

I am a born Virgo. For me Beauty is truth and truth beauty. Beauty is here, there and everywhere -- in the blossoming of flowers, variety of evergreen plants, rustle of wind in the tree, twinkling of stars at night, shimmering of moonlight on a calm lake, glory of heavens at dawn, blending of colours at sunset, magic of flute --- in the springs and valleys, brooks and rivulets, hills and fields, woods and mountains, etc., etc. I am receptive to all that is good, great and beautiful in life. The innocent faces of children, the creations of artists, the sweet and melodious songs of singers, the lyrics of poets, the wisdom of sages, the eloquence of orators, the holiness of saints, the revelations of Prophets, the biographies of great souls, the mystery of faces, and young men and women with resilence of mind, variety of interests and generosity of emotions have always captivated and fascinated me.

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I am what I am.


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