I See You in Me

Beat me down

Push me away

For I am broken

Angel soaring on broken wings

You broke them

Kicked and beat me down

You bruised my soul

Teased and taunted me

Took all the happiness

Does that make you fucking happy?

Does it make you smile?

When I'm lost

When I can't find myself

In my own reflection

I know it's because of you

Because that what you do to me

Thats how you make me feel

A constant reminder of who I am

Of who you are

I see it in my face

I see who you are

Who I've become

The fucking bitch

That you have created

The one who feels the pain

Every fucking day

Break the glass

That shows your in me

I see you in me

And I hate it


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I see you in me. Daddy I see you in my eyes and I hate it.

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Lindsay McKenna's picture

excellent job... hard topic to write on.

Someday Soon's picture

Like seeing the face of the devil....and reflected back to you in a cracked distorted way... i know... I see it too...I see her in me. I feel ya. Love the poem. :O) BFFL. jen aka someday_soon

Sherry Knee's picture

Wow, this poem describes so much about my past as it does yours. I know exactly how u feel. Your not alone in this Robin, Im here too. If u ever need someone to talk to about this or anything else, im here for ya!