Can My Dreams Come True

Many times in lfe

You have dreams

To go to state

With your friends


Then there is a problem

To wish your dream won’t come true

The one that you wished for since the beginning of time

When you started

It’s sad when you think about it

And it makes you cry

Once that dream you wanted to come true

Failed you

And know you don’t know what to do

But be blue

I guess just stop thinking about it

It might work for you

But not always

Will it help you through

Now that dream is crushed


And above all won’t ever come true

Now you ask yourself

How could someone?

But I guessed they didn’t know

How you felt

But you guess they probably won’t ever know


Just answer


Author's Notes/Comments: 

we didn't make it to state though but we did very well, better luck next year!!

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