Bored in Class

Sitting in Law class I'm bored off my tree

Oh great timing now I gotta pee

The time passes ever so slow

How much more can I take this I don't know

Open my eyes , I'm fallin asleep

Oh no, I'm fallin to deep

Eye lids start to close

Not yet, 15 more minutes I propose

Her voice a sound that makes me yawn

One more word, that's it I'm gone

I've drifted away from time and place

The ringing of the bell snaps me outta space

Pack up my books on to another class

Watching the clock as each minute slowly pass

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is kind of stupid. Just a little something I wrote while in Law class, frig I didnt law class could be so dull. Kind of a time passer poem. It's not that great. Peace.

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Julie Malcolm's picture

i've heard quite the hellish stories of this "law" class you speak of.... shoulda taken leadership (ducks)... oh wait... you did didn't you? aw crap. man i feel your pain. home free in 25 days. ;)

Reco Humphrey's picture

the poem is better than you think It's the way I feel about my life except I wish I could sleep through it and I never can.

Cat Deale's picture

Haha, Robin, I feel your pain
I have her for Family Studies, lol

Sherry Knee's picture

I understand COMPLETELY!!!! Its the same when Mrs. McKillip goes on and on about poetry. Its sooo annoying!!!!!!