Monthly Archive for February 2015

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Rain Poem pnklvr 2 Lonliness Feb 1st
The scary question. Poem SSmoothie Feb 1st
The side you pick is irrelavant. Poem SSmoothie Feb 1st
MEMORIZING Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Feb 1st
Freedom Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Feb 1st
DRAGONFLY BUFFOONERY Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Feb 1st
Morning View Poem L-A-Imdad 4 Lori Imdad, MorningView, PerfectView, views Feb 1st
Accident Poem bishu 1 Feb 1st
Molotov Manners Poem 4 Feb 1st
Defining Love Poem deepblue 2 Feb 1st
Stop Letting Hate Divide Us Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 1st
Last And Most Important Game Of The Season Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 1st
Ancient Voices. Poem sweetwater Feb 1st
solitude. Poem sweetwater 2 Feb 1st
never knew (how much can hold Poem steelrunner303 Feb 1st
The Children of the Sea Poem deepinyourdreams mermaids, ocean Poseidon, the sea Feb 1st
Sept 26 Poem Mori Diary, from my diary Feb 1st
Astrological Thrills Poem Blueberry 2 astrological thrills astrology lust zodiac aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces fire water earth air astrology poem adventure kiss father Feb 1st
Trap Poem KingofWords Trap Feb 1st
প্রকৃতির মত সুন্দর তুমি Poem KingofWords সুন্দর Feb 1st
অভাব অনটন Poem KingofWords অভাব Feb 1st
12 Phrases Poem DelusionalPoet Feb 1st
something cold Poem Birote #alone Feb 1st
Beyond The Mirror Poem GodsLark 1 Feb 1st
At The Aftermath Poem S74rw4rd Feb 1st
Don't Listen Poem Smith #anger #hurt Feb 1st
+ 27.225 MHz: The Eleventh Hour Poem S74rw4rd Feb 1st
His Will Prose bern Feb 1st
Mars Ahoi. Prose bern Feb 1st
একটি নামহীন নদীর আত্মকথা! [Bangla Story] Prose KingofWords নদী Feb 1st
DISTURBING Poem satishverma 1 # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Feb 2nd
ARTS Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Feb 2nd
waiting Poem emilyguthrie 1 lonely love Feb 2nd
FALLING THROUGH MY HANDS Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 2nd
Life Changes Poem Wolfy Pickmeup Feb 2nd
You Left Poem bishu Feb 2nd
Icy Mountains Poem bishu 3 Feb 2nd
A Patriots Miracle Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Feb 2nd
Funny lil Things Poem Wolfy 3 thinking Feb 2nd
After Seeing Her Poem KingofWords Beauty Feb 2nd
পাহাড় চূড়ায় লিখে দেব তোমার নাম Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসা Feb 2nd
Reborn Poem L-A-Imdad #Life #Steps #Relationships #Finding Love Feb 2nd
Monkey See Monkey Do Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 2nd
lezel Poem lovestruck Feb 2nd
A new Beginning Poem deepinyourdreams beginning, free, Hope, new start, Rebirth, starting over. Beginning Life a chance Feb 2nd
It's Written in The Poem giajl Feb 2nd
No Good Thing.... Poem giajl Feb 2nd
I remember Poem giajl Feb 2nd
من قال Poem asaihati Feb 2nd
تذكرني 2 Poem asaihati Feb 2nd
A Painted Pony Poem deepinyourdreams making sense, Painting, Words, Writing Feb 2nd
Always Love You Poem taherch01 1 #love #life #feelings Feb 2nd
I Am The Happiest Person In The World Poem taherch01 #feelings #love #attraction Feb 2nd
মন আজ আনন্দে নাচে Poem KingofWords আনন্দ Feb 2nd
হযরত শাহ্‌ জালাল (রা.): একটি মহাকাব্য- My Bangla Epic Poem KingofWords Epic Feb 2nd
Tears Poem AustinRiot17 life sad friends love Feb 2nd
Behold Poem Rgrish Feb 2nd
Boundaries Poem Rgrish Feb 2nd
Angels in the snow Poem Rgrish Feb 2nd
To my valentine Poem word_man 2 Feb 2nd
Make Believe. Prose bern Feb 2nd
Make Believ Prose bern Feb 2nd
Wierd Dreams. Prose bern 1 Feb 2nd
The Way. Prose bern Feb 2nd
The Church. Prose bern Feb 2nd
A Dream. Prose bern Feb 2nd
The Lift. Prose bern Feb 2nd
Christmas Tree. Prose bern Feb 2nd
My Private Journey. Prose bern Feb 2nd
Three in One. Prose bern Feb 2nd
Promise Poem not_an_addict Feb 3rd
February Love Poem workm 2 Feb 3rd
afraid ... but not... Poem kayspoems Feb 3rd
Mythical Castle in a Dark Place Poem FireXVulcan 1 Feb 3rd
FRAMED BY THE PHYSICAL Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 3rd
EXPECTATIONS ? Poem raghu # addiction #hurt #betrayal #lust# disappointment# life # heart # truth # suffering # sadness # pain # happiness # empty # mistakes # fate # time # difference # madness # theone # learninglove #dreams # poetry # longing #prison # chained Feb 3rd
Respect Is Earned Not Just Given Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 3rd
The Ignorance Behind Hatred Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 3rd
Inspired Serenity Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 3rd
We Should Know Better Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 3rd
Give Hope (It's Free) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 3rd
তারে স্পর্শের তরে Poem KingofWords স্পর্শ Feb 3rd
2-2-2015 Poem toobuena 4 # winter # wistful # sad # happy #memories #person Feb 3rd
I'm Full of Poem giajl 1 Feb 3rd
sweet is this temptation Poem 9inety 3 Feb 3rd
It's Going .....My Poem giajl Feb 3rd
Lost and Worried Poem FireXVulcan 1 #awake, #dark, #Fear, #haunted, #reality, #World Feb 3rd
Would You Be Mine? Poem bern Feb 3rd
In the night we shall go in Poem 9inety Feb 3rd
Fleshy chains Poem emilyguthrie love pain broken Feb 3rd
center of the universe Poem rose 1 Feb 3rd
Erotic haiku #23 Poem Anonymous Feb 3rd
Erotic haiku #24 Poem Anonymous Feb 3rd
erotic haiku #25 Poem Anonymous Feb 3rd
erotic haiku #26 Poem Anonymous Feb 3rd
Moath Kasasbeh|| RIP #كلنا_معاذ Poem DelusionalPoet 1 Feb 3rd
"John Wick" Poem allets 2 Feb 3rd
Listening To Tonight Poem DarkLight 8 Feb 3rd
Winter's Last Stand Poem deepinyourdreams 2 cold., confinement, frozen land, Old man winter, rivers, spring, sun rises, time, winter Feb 3rd
Worldly Possession Poem Incompl 1 Feb 3rd
Visitors? Prose bern Feb 3rd
trees Poem Birote Feb 4th
Friends Poem Wolfy 1 friends Feb 4th
DECEPTION Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Feb 4th
IMAGES RHYMED Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Feb 4th
Butterflies Poem deepinyourdreams butterflies, God, love, signs, Solemates, vision Feb 4th
theres no other way to describe it Poem SSmoothie Feb 4th
Will You Be The One To Bring Change Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 4th
Love of my Life Poem dreaming_death Betrayal, disappoinment, Heartache, love Feb 4th
let there be house music Poem ADAPT Feb 4th
S.M.I.L.E Poem Wolfy Fun, random Feb 4th
My White Knight Poem deepinyourdreams Bliss moans, erotic, fantasy. lust, joy, White Knight Feb 4th
Sleep Poem Moscadini 1 sleep Feb 4th
Take Care Poem giajl Feb 4th
IGBO IS THE SUN Poem Izu 2 igbo, igbo haters, the east, the sun Feb 4th
I Want To Be Alive With You Poem LovingLovelace 3 Feb 4th
Let You Go Poem LovingLovelace 1 Feb 4th
Born For Infinity Poem saiom2 art, attraction, aura, bloom, child, magnet, painter, poet, scent, soul, womb, Words Feb 4th
We Suppose Poem saiom2 grows, pose, rose, suppose Feb 4th
Where they used to play Poem AnotherPoet 1 #childhood #city #remembrance #memories Feb 4th
Fractured French Poem saiom2 abbatoir, au revoir, Loire ce soir, lying cow, noir, Vincent Van Gogh Feb 4th
CIVIL DEATH-SOCIAL MURDER Poem Anonymous Legal Bullies Feb 4th
LIGHT THE FIRE Poem Anonymous I met a young lady the other day Feb 4th
REVELATION OF THE INFORMAL PILGRIMS Poem Anonymous Gaia gave birth to homosapien Feb 4th
Cage Of Ribs Poem saiom2 cage, crib, desire, future birth, reincarnation, ribs Feb 4th
Go Fish Prose SSmoothie 2 Feb 4th
Barber's Shop. Prose bern 1 Feb 4th
Lifting Carriers. Prose bern Feb 4th
Patience. Prose bern Feb 4th
Final chapter Poem Anonymous Feb 5th
রক্তিম দিগন্ত Poem shawon1982 Feb 5th
Fever Poem not_an_addict 2 Feb 5th
LAST DROP Poem brokenhope33 1 undefined Feb 5th
Million years late Poem Khippie19 Feb 5th
Ignite Poem mikkiskittys 7 love, relationships, SENSUALITY Feb 5th
Black Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
Dreams Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
Suicide Soldiers Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
Portraits from my brain Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
Forever Black Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
She's not the right one Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
then and Now Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
No such thing as a Happy ending Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
Pain Room Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
No more tears!(Stay away from me) Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
Wash Poem CinnamonBees 4 Feb 2015 Feb 5th
Short stuff Poem Destinee1398 2 Hight Spread a message Asperations Short stuff Feb 5th
Headboard Poem CinnamonBees 4 Feb 2015 Feb 5th
Sick of myself Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
the sick inside Poem MidKnight Feb 5th
Walking Behind a Pretty Girl Poem TundrazZ #love #lust #sex #teen #stranger Feb 5th
Crescent Poem Incompl 3 Feb 5th
Hatred Vs. Acceptance Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 5th
Change: It's Waiting For You Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 5th
A Better World (Will You Fight For It?) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 5th
My Dear Full Moon That Always Inspires Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 5th
Life Is Not Black Or White Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 5th
নিস্পাপ তুমি Poem KingofWords নিস্পাপ Feb 5th
What to write about? Poem KingofWords Writing Feb 5th
Do What You Want to Do, NOW! Poem KingofWords do Feb 5th
My Heaven' Poem deepinyourdreams delicious, exotic, Hunger, numb, tongue Feb 5th
Tasting the Skyline Poem deepinyourdreams Food, savory, skyline...yummy stuff, taste Feb 5th
To Grow in the Rain Poem FireXVulcan 1 #Friendship, #growth, #lightning, #love, #rain, #water Feb 5th
I am a Vampire Poem FireXVulcan #alone, #darkness, #different, #Fear, #vampire Feb 5th
Meet Me, on Life's Corner.... on Poem giajl Feb 5th
Galactic circle Poem Anonymous Feb 5th
If All I've Got on Poem giajl Feb 5th
Fiber Flower Poem Incompl 2 Feb 5th
Im so tired Poem realize_reality 1 #tired Feb 5th
Seeing reality Poem realize_reality 2 Seeing #reality Feb 5th
Nobody changes Poem realize_reality why dont they Feb 5th
I'm stronger I'm wiser Poem realize_reality chage happens stronger wiser Feb 5th
Gangster & Thugs Poem realize_reality Feb 5th
Dreams Poem AnotherPoet Feb 5th
bad days Poem Samsonteddy666 2 bad day Feb 5th
We're all human Poem realize_reality were all human time to change ways Feb 5th
my love lost Poem realize_reality true love lost Feb 5th
I miss you Poem realize_reality i miss you crying daily Feb 5th
I seen liars Poem realize_reality Feb 5th
Not A Theatre. Prose bern Feb 5th
Leprechauns Revenge. Prose bern Feb 5th
Strapped to a Memory Prose deepinyourdreams black and blue, Grand dad, Humor, punishment, Strapped, whipped Feb 5th
Old Memories Prose Wolfy 2 Feb 5th
teardrops Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
embrace Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
charming Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
flying Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
pictures of perfection Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
crystal Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
different Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
twinkle Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
monster Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
drift Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
angel Poem LOFTYgalaxy Feb 6th
portrayals Poem LOFTYgalaxy 2 Feb 6th
some lion king ass shit Poem Birote #alone Feb 6th
Last Try Poem whiteboy1 feelings relationship love Feb 6th
Your Story. Poem not_an_addict Feb 6th
The Devil Poem not_an_addict 1 Feb 6th
Total Silence Poem realize_reality 1 silence catching breathe Feb 6th
Time Poem darklion 1 Feb 6th
HAPPY Valentines Day Poem darklion Feb 6th
Life as me Poem EternalEden Feb 6th
Atlas Poem EternalEden Feb 6th
Jupiter Poem bishu Feb 6th
I Weep For Humanity Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 6th
Past Present Future Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 6th
Don't hesitate (Vaccinate) Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 6th
Searching Poem jeanetteb52 2 # soul #love #heart #head #memory #memories # breakup #brokenhearted, love Feb 6th
Recreation Poem Melaniebubbers123 3 Feb 6th
What's your Sign? Poem deepinyourdreams balance, different views, INSECURE, measuring your life. one sided, signs, Words Feb 6th
ভালোবাসি, ভালোবাসি Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসি Feb 6th
I am Nothing Without Thee! Poem KingofWords 2 love Feb 6th
when the darkness is pardoned Poem 9inety Feb 6th
On my own and alone Poem Dodokaiyugi10. 1 Feb 6th
Keep faith Poem realize_reality dont give up on yourself Feb 6th
AM I THE CAUSE? Poem Anonymous Born of two warning nations, Offspring of far removed kins. Both of whom twice tried to commit genocide Feb 6th
শূন্য ঘর Poem shawon1982 Feb 6th
To Read Poem allets Feb 6th
i didn't think you'd really go Poem rose Feb 6th
Separation is Life Poem umberart 1 #life #ocean #breath #calling #purpose #reflection Feb 6th
my dick is shrinking Poem pldappls Feb 6th
healing Poem pldappls 2 Feb 6th
The Old Chapel. Prose bern Feb 6th
The Lady In The Lake. Prose bern Feb 6th
Great days Prose Samsonteddy666 Great days Feb 6th
in love with jeremy Poem SpookyGothKidd Feb 7th
It'll make you wish you were a butterfly.. Poem Incompl 3 Feb 7th
RITE OF PASSAGE Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Feb 7th
MOST WANTED Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Feb 7th
Fragments Poem not_an_addict Feb 7th
Epigram On Lycanthropic Legend Poem S74rw4rd Feb 7th
like a desert flower Poem Daniel-59 1 Feb 7th
Paha Sapa Poem eternalpoet1389 love, Mysticism, POETRY, Spirituality Feb 7th
Killing Each Other With Hate Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 7th
We Are The Ones Who Scare you Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 7th
(Life) It's Best Just To Enjoy It Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 7th
love, anyone's game. Poem SSmoothie Feb 7th
নিয়মের বেড়াজালে Poem KingofWords নিয়ম Feb 7th
I Wish I Could…! Poem KingofWords I wish Feb 7th
Outcast Poem DelusionalPoet Feb 7th
Love's Design Poem PrincessDenise32 2 # love # relationships # romance # forever #couple #miss #us #perfect #sexy #intimate #sex #together #inlove #beautiful #cute #summer #memories #heart #trust #faith #special #dream #kiss #body #boyfriend #girlfriend, Faith, Hope, love Feb 7th
Glycerin Eyes Poem deepinyourdreams 1 Beauty, captured, eyes, prisms, stolen heart Feb 7th
Al's Poem saiom2 Al Sharpton, Albert Einstein, Albert Gore, Albert Schweitzer, alcohol, Alec Baldwin, aluminum, Alzheimer's Feb 7th
Elected President In 2000, Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore Has Become Vegan Poem saiom2 Al Gore, Nobel Prize winner, presidency, vegan Feb 7th
Griefstricken Poem saiom2 Atheism, death, grief Feb 7th
not good at being sober Poem rose Feb 7th
To be honest Poem JaMajka 1 Feb 7th
ব্যস্ত জীবন [Bangla Story] Prose KingofWords ব্যস্ততা Feb 7th
Empty House. Prose bern Feb 7th