A race of vampires

they come from underground 

from the darkest caverns 

deep within the earth

Collecting the dna and gene 

splicing to create the perfect hybrid;

male and female characteristics fused into one form


Man is infected with the virus

of the bat


Bewitched by the form of vampiress:

she arises from the abyss to breed the spawns 

for her master


To collect the soul of man

siphoning off the vitality


Death is her strength

as her fangs gorge into the flesh

to suck out the life of Adam


Her offspring are rotten apples

and the garden is poisoned 

with her venom 


From the depths she comes 

and returns 


The seducer:

Her black heart feels no love


Only the pleasure in killing

her host 





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The Impaler

Drinking all your blood,

drunk off my hate,

your pale corpse

belongs to me


No escape,

your soul

is trapped in

my estate


Eating your flesh,

delights me,

feeding on your




your body




Becoming you


Feeding on your pain,

your fears


Sucking you dry,


Drinking your blood,

stealing your soul.


Forever and ever

you belong to me

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I am a Vampire

I am a Vampire

I am a vampire.
I am a cursed being who walks the Earth for all eternity.
I am a witness to the rise and fall of civilizations.
I am a creature who is hated by even my own friends.
I am a hunter that thirsts for blood.
I am a bat that can fly high without being seen.
I am a child who hides behind a mask and forced to be something I am not.
I am a loner for I am forever by myself to keep others safe from me.
I am a night goer because darkness is my only ally.
I am a monster in the eyes of man because I am different.
I am a vampire.
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