Lost and Worried

Why do I feel alone when I shouldn't be?

I know things that very few people understand.

I have discovered qualities about myself that I felt ashamed of.

I have lost my faith, but I'm too scared to let others know.

I know many people, but can I call them my friends

When they use my flaws as weapons?

Trust is hard to gain and is easily destroyed.

So why socialize?


People around me are destitute to be in relationships

To blanket their fear, only for them to be gone.

I want a relationship that can last a lifetime

A relationship that lasts for as long as my parents have been together.

I know how to love, but it gets me hurt too easily.

Do I want a relationship or should I stay single for the rest of my life?

Life is like a fork in the road.

Once you choose the path you want to pursue, there is no going back.


I chose my destiny, but along the way, my heart has been scarred.

So much that my timidity is the most prominent of my personality.

Never would I be angry, this emotion solves nothing.

All I can do is hope this anger goes away and be alone in the dark.


I can go on for hours talking about what this world turned into.

Should I do it? What's the point? No one will listen.

Even if they did, their opinions will leave the wound in my heart vulnerable.

I stay alone and lost so I can be safe from mental harm.


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Good For You

The isolatos, a poet's springboard - I never married - I like it quiet. See Lewis Black the comedian on single and liking to walk into his house and hear that...quiet. Honest write  :D slc