Shattered on the Tile

His eyes

Feed the lies

They are filled with gloss

And loss

And I feel like they are staring at me

And I feel like they are staring at nothing

As his thoughts pour into the air


His face

Is covered in sweat

And regret

He falls to the floor

Once he can’t think anymore

And there are shattered pieces across the tile

Shattered pieces of hope




Sprawled across the ground

But no one makes a sound

It’s the violence

Of the reliance

That makes the brick

Break like a stick

A twig

His eyes

Open big

Then close

And in that moment

The rose


And all the lies

Lie with us

Before hitchhiking on a bus

To truth

And leaving us


On the tile

I am a Vampire

I am a Vampire

I am a vampire.
I am a cursed being who walks the Earth for all eternity.
I am a witness to the rise and fall of civilizations.
I am a creature who is hated by even my own friends.
I am a hunter that thirsts for blood.
I am a bat that can fly high without being seen.
I am a child who hides behind a mask and forced to be something I am not.
I am a loner for I am forever by myself to keep others safe from me.
I am a night goer because darkness is my only ally.
I am a monster in the eyes of man because I am different.
I am a vampire.
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