He watched her put her feet into the water

as she sat upon the shore…

and he began to see her 

as he never had before.


He always thought she was beautiful

but seated by her side

with her face reflected in the water

he saw her beauty multiplied.


And in that very moment

(until then he hadn’t thought about it much)

he saw how she was like the water

soft and gentle to the touch.


He felt the magic in the water 

as it changed from colors green and blue

and he felt that same magic in her voice

her eyes

and in her smile too


And it made him smile as they sat there

together by the shore…

for he knew just like the water 


she was filled with mysteries to explore.

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I recently left some water on the table…only half a cup

but I was thirty so I took the water pitcher and quickly filled it up…


As I poured water into water it became obvious to me

when the water from the pitcher met the water from the cup…

they blended easily.


And once the two waters joined together

once they were completely blended 

I could not tell where one water began 

and where the other water ended.


And I thought it doesn’t matter where this water comes from 

out of my spigot or across the sea

when I pour water into water…they blend so easily.


And I thought it doesn’t matter the color of the waters

because it’s easy to comprehend

when water is mixed with water…

how easily they blend.


In fact the colors blend quite beautifully

without having to be taught

when one water is a color…and the other one is not.


When two colors of water come together

both colors are transformed…

and from two separate colors

a new color is formed….


It led me to think about water…and humans

and it suddenly occurred to me

If humans are mostly made up of water


shouldn’t we blend more easily?

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"An Oceans Voice"

A voice is an ocean roaring.

It can roll along in endless waves, or stand there silent.

It can swell in size to make its presence known,

or shrink from veiw as well as size as if to seem alone.

An oceans quiet roaring is pleasing to the ear,

and a voice when soft and plesant is very nice to hear.

But sometimes they are harsh and mean,

and rise into a strom a swell or in between.

But no matter what it is an ocean or a voice.

it holds a place inside of you, a place you must rejoice.

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"Laughing Brook"

Laughter is like a spring.

Bubbling out of the ground it comes.

Flowing,Flushing Gushing, Flooding the ground around.

On gushing it keeps, turning into a river rushing...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inspired by the Laughing Brook from the books by Thornton Burgess.

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The entire Earth is mostly water…

Have you ever wondered why?

Every human…also mostly water…

What is nature trying to imply?


Could it be there’s magic in the water…in its look, its taste, its sound….

and all we have to do to see it…is take a look around.


Water is enchanted it can be loud or barely make a peep

It is both soft and flexible but can create a canyon…deep.


Water has a beauty that is easily explained

Like how it rises misty on a lake…or falls softly as a quiet mountain rain.


Like how it can be so serene…as it reflects the sky of blue…

or when it clings to trees and shrubs as a drop of morning dew.


Like how it changes with the weather…as the winds of winter blow

How it transforms from a liquid to a solid…into ice…and snow.


We swim in water, we bathe in water…and I‘d be remiss not to include

how we can’t live without it…for it nourishes our food.


The sight of water can bring us joy…can make us dream…or sigh

and when we’re feeling sad or blue…it shows us how to cry.


Each drop of water is an individual…as to Earth they do descend

but when they mix with other drops…how easily they blend…


They harmonize so beautifully…you can’t tell them apart

They form one magnificent body of water…with but one soul…one heart…


Could it be that nature is trying to show us…with each drop of rain or morning dew

That, if there’s magic in the water,…there’s magic in us too?


And once we find our magic…once we let it’s beauty radiate through

Then, just like the water that makes us up,


there is nothing we can’t do.

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I was walking in a forest when I stepped out of the trees

and saw a field of sunflowers dancing in the breeze.


I stopped what I was doing…I was suddenly entranced

and I wondered if it was sunflowers that first enticed people to dance. 


I was walking early one morning when what did I espy

but a mix of beautiful color's lighting up the sky.


And I stopped what I was doing…I felt a little faint

and I wondered if it was a sunrise that first enticed people to paint.


I was walking down a quiet path when my mind was drawn upwards

to the treetops where I was mesmerized by the singing of the birds.


And I stopped what I was doing…that early morn in Spring…

and I wondered if it was birds that first enticed people to sing.


I was walking by a mountain creek…as if caught in a dream

when I heard the melody of the water as it gently flowed downstream.


And I stopped what I was doing…as the water flowed away

and I wondered if it was the music of the stream that first enticed people to play.


Now when I look for inspiration…I remember where I was…

when I was out there walking…


for that’s what nature does.

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Water fall

poems 1


Sitting on a rock and 
seeing the water fall 
and hearing the 
water hitting the river 
Water fall 
Water fall 
Sitting on a rock and 
seeing the water fall 
and hearing the water 
hitting the river and 
seeing the fishes in 
the river and the falls 
colors leaves and trees 
around the river and 
water fall I love seeing 
the water fall and fishes 
and the falls colors 
© Amanda Kay Hill 

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To Grow in the Rain

The clouds are gray
And not a sign of sunlight in sight.
Clear droplets fall on the sky and bathe the world.
It is getting cold, but my heart is getting warm.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
Here I am, here you are
We are rained out, but we smile at each other.
Having nothing to do may become something to do.
Care to watch the rain with me?
Sit close to me and I will give you my hand.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
We watch the show as the rain falls.
It covers the roads and parts of the grass
Sometimes it rains so much it creates a small lake.
We watch each other, telling ourselves how blessed we are
To spend this moment together, just you and I alone.
We hear nothing, but the rain and thunder
It is music to our ears.
We close our eyes and our arms around us tight.
Lightning strikes next to us, but we are not scared.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
Why do people sing for the rain to go away?
They are deprived of the most beautiful weather.
Why tell it to come back another day when we can savor it?
The rain begets water and water is life.
Our friendship is growing like the plants during the storm.
We take deep breaths to fill our lungs with this cool air.
We hold hands again as the sky gets darker and it rains harder.
The sound of rain makes me feel safe.
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