Funny lil Things


Life may give you lemons but why not throw them back...

Sometimes lemonade can't heal a wound but can help...

Sometimes just be quiet and think about it for awhile...

Things change after awhile after you think...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just remember being quiet is not always a bas thing. This helped most people think about things they did. Bad things don't seem as bad if you stay quiet. Good things are amazing to think about for awhile. All that you should know is that quietness can be the best.

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How you decide

It's all up to what you decide to do. Stay quiet or go with what your going to say. All it depends on is your situation. Sometime can be a great one but some can be hard. But everyone does have their way around with speaking. :)

Life is one hard thing to get...

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my experience with life is to

my experience with life is to always wait before you speak it will keep your foot from your mouth fifty percent of the time

ron parrish

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Life Dodging Lemons

Is that a thing? Quiet is okay, depends on the subject - if you are wrong, owning up purges lemon stains and the need to squeeze them into juice. I like pitching them back, though, just not too quietly. I am learning to appreciate the taste of my feet. ~ Lady A ~