Alhazred's Statue

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Mythos poem (a vision I had).

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Transcendence (And Body Politic)

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(Reedited hashtags, by adding only the following key words:  Foucault, biopwer, body politic),

"Transcendence (And Body Politic)", w/c is also an affected poem, previously titled "Transcendence", is a repost from my Twitter platform (inevitably composed on April 29, 2017/at around "06:58"...based from the deemed quirky causes & that perhaps had sprung from thoughts of a possible love interest (rather assumptive [on my part] & my motivations were unclear; thus, a type of a poem like this was done).  Also, I had edited this version (a little bit by modifying the use of punctuation marks & perhaps the stanzas/form, those were minor tweaks).



An Escapist's Poem (Dedicated to the Leaves/previously "Ode To Escapists")

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Reedited 07.12.2019 (Grammar correction:  This is written - This *was written...)



This was written while engaged in a Twitter application/platform discourse.--It is an edited version.  The following is written on April 30, 2017 w/ the actual approximate time & subtitle, as follows... An Escapist's Poem (previously "Ode To Escapists")  [01:02] (an affected poem, dedicated to the leaves).


A.I.: Am I?

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Based on and inspired by the movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I've also included visual pieces I created using my smartphone; I have posted them on Instagram for exposure.  @cirelueyfreemind if you're interested.


Just a thought!
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Actually, last verse in a song lyric I wrote'...seemed like a good Valentine post

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The Commencement

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A Peyote Vision

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