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Elected President In 2000, Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore Has Become Vegan

Elected US President in 2000, Al Gore Became Vegan A While Ago 

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With no publicity, Al Gore turned vegan sometime before Nov 2013..  But the news has spread and been covered by the Guardian, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Time Magazine, the Washington Post, Washington Times etc.

The man who received a majority vote for the US presidency in 2000 has been an environmental activist for many years.  He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work to protect the planet. Another Nobel Prize recipient, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has reported that more damaging than fossil fuels in global heating and climate change are the cattle and sheep industries. In addition a pound of meat takes 80 times more production energy than a pound of fruit, reported Dr Don Meyer. While it is theoretically possible to push a peach pit into the ground, have the rain and sun do the rest, and come back in a few years to harvest the fruit, mammals and birds
 take massive amounts of human labor, water, electricity, and food. The maximum yield for fruit and nut tree groves is 450,000 pounds an acre, more if trilevel agriculture is used (bean and other vines and bushes planted in spaces among the trees). The maximum yield for cow flesh varies from 100 to 1000 pounds an acre. Energy is used when cows are barbarically castrated, branded, eartagged with the help of staple guns. They are injected against their wills with female hormones, antibiotics, veterinarians or their assistants. They are fed in some cases wastelage (half grain, half manure).

More human and other energy goes into electroshocking, kicing, or pushing cows onto transport trucks to take them to slaughter, the use of electroshocking or sharp rods, kicks or pushes used to get them off of the trucks, to murder them with captive bolt pistols, beheading, chain saws, bullets or other,
the energy used to draw and quarter and subdivide them. All of this activity takes place in very cold
places. Their pieces are transported in refrigerated trucks and frozen in warehouse, grocery store and at homes and restaurants, until more energy is used to bake their flesh.

Grease accumulating on restaurant and home kitchen walls causes fires. Greasy roaster pans take more time, water and soap in being scrubbed relatively clean.
Every egg represents 120 gallons of production water, reported Art Margolis. Imagine the water consumption for cows. Their hormone contaminated urine is dumped into the watershed.Every pound of animal flesh is an average 21 pounds of food
the animal ate, an enormous waste on a small planet. Cows and sheep pull up sapling trees in grazing, and in stampeding. Since each average sized tree evaporates 40 gallons of moisture into the atmosphere daily, according to Bayard Webster writing in the New York Times, the destruction of trees reduces rainfall, causing drought and potentially famine.

Jeb Bush, brother of George Bush, was a coconspirator in the theft of the 2000 election from the citizens of the US.
He was supervisor of the removal of untold thousands illegally from the voting rolls, under the guise that they were felons. He was the man who directed that policemen be in
black and Hispanic neighborhoods shutting off roads leading to the polls. Jeb Bush was in charge of the decision of the Jacksonville metropolitan paper's decision to spread disinformation about the ballot in black neighborhoods as the Florida Times-Union published a special edition only for black neighborhoods instructing that every page of the ballot must be marked. Thus many thousand ballots were disqualified. Because of his own truly felonious action, the war in Iraq by G H W Bush was again instituted and euphemistically
called Desert Storm. Because of his felonious action, the war in Afghanistan was begun by his brother. He is therefore a cocreator of TWO wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Al Gore would still have won, except for the 5 unelected Republicans on the Supreme Court who stopped the count and who as of this writing serve for life. That 5 men could trump the decision of the majority of American voters is an indication the US is not a democracy but an oligarchy.

A fraction of other vegetarian political leaders

Senator James Abourezk US Senator, South Dakota
Jim Beall, Jr.—California Assemblyman (24th District)
Lyman Beecher, abolitionist, father of Harriet Beecher Stowe,
fruitarian community
Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey
Russell Brand anarchist and comic
Fidel Castro
Cesar Chavez
William Clinton
Angela Davis
Moraji Desai, PM of India and many other Indian PM's
Dr. Janez Drnovsek, Vegan President of Slovenia
Benjamin Franklin
Mahatma Gandhi
President Al Gore elected in 2000, his election stolen by Jeb Bush in Florida and the Supreme Court
Dick Gregory
Andrew Jacobs former congressman from Indiana
Abdul Kalam, Dr president of India and space scientist
Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, former president of Zambia
Coretta Scott King
Dennis Kucinich whose congressional district was stolen by GOP gerrymandering
Former Governor Richard Lamm Colorado
Francisco Martin antibullfighting activist
Sophie Maxwell—San Francisco Supervisor (10th District)
Jamie Raskin—Maryland State Senator (20th District)
Molotov (born Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Skryabin.
Albert Schweitzer
Congresswoman Betty Sutton Akron Ohio

As a footnote, vegans on The Farm, a several hundred group collective in Summertown, Tennessee, were being harrassed by military helicopters buzzing their acreage as a form of intimidation. They appealed to their then Senator Al Gore who quietly had the attacks stopped.

-saiom shriver-
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