“Mommy! Daddy!”

Her screams woke them and when they ran to her she said, 

“I think there’s a monster in my closet and another one under by bed.”


“Hmmm…monsters in the bedroom,” they said, “and not one…but two.

Have no fear for darling…we know exactly what to do!”


As her mom held her tightly her dad opened the closet door…

smiled back at them…and then….

drew his sword saying, “Monster leave our daughter’s closet…

and don’t come back again!”


“Our daughter’s closet…her entire bedroom is not a place where monsters dwell.

Be gone…and tell your monster friends…they’re not welcome her as well!”


He turned and smiled at his daughter

“The monster said there’s no need for an attack.

He said he will be leaving and he’s never coming back.”


“That takes care of one monster.” He said. “Peace in your closet has been restored.”

Then, as he hugged his daughter, he handed Mom the sword.”


“Never fear!” Her mom said wielding the sword above her head.

“I know what to do to rid that monster ‘neath your bed.”


“Beware! I am coming for you monster!” She said as she jumped down from the bed.
when she returned she said the monster’s gone…and he left this note instead.


“There’s no reason to get upset…put away your sword…and then

The monster signed, ‘I’m sorry if I scared you…I won’t come back again.”


Once their daughter’s fears were soothed and she was tucked back into bed…

before she fell asleep…this is what they said…


“There will come a day you will no longer fear monsters in you bedroom…

but since we don’t know where…or when…

with your permission, princess, we will stand guard till then.

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"Return to the House of Usher"

Your feet walk, foot over foot, down the path.

Towards, predeterminded fear.

You want to turn back.

But can't,

As much as you want to.

You know what is over the bend

And you dread it with evrey nerve in your body.

The thing most purly terrifying,

that you wish you could face.

So simple in stature,

You know what it really is.

But, you are afraid anyway.

It is the shadow of something in your room,

Something in the day so friendly, in the night so fearful.

When ever you see it,

It like a spell, forces you into fear.

making you retreat under your cover covered in cold sweat.

Your house of nightmares.

The House of Usher.

It is something like every other,

but something, something about this generic face causes your gravest thoughts to jump out at you,

Biting your sanity to pieces.

Nearing the top of the hill snaps you back from your deep thoughts as you realise your mind was wandering,

Then you set your eyes on this terrifying sight.

Your feet are cement blocks in quicksand quickly pulling into your fear.

Then you struggle to move your feet,

Inch by inch, you slowly make progress.

Thoughts are rushing through your mind like cold water,

Flooding your head like a chipping water glass ready to burst.

Cold sweat the condensation to the glass that is your body,

The approaching doom thuds against the ground with heavy leaden feet.

The glass, the ground and your mind about to break seemingly hold their breath, waiting...

As you step onto the doorstep of this wretched prison.

You take a few more steps straining your mind further.

You turn around and look through the door,

Fear disapearing forever.

You have conquered the House of Usher...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was my homage to Edgar Allen Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher".

This wasn't really a poem I was just trying enjabment.

Tell me what you think with a comment or a message.

I love to hear your feed back.

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She was never frightened by the night

of it’s silence hard and deep

During the day she made friends with the animals floating in the clouds


Who at night surrounded her in sleep.

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When she was young she was afraid of dragons…of ogres and monsters under her bed

and even when she grew up those fears were in her head.


He, too, grew up afraid of dragons…he too felt the dread

of all the scary creatures and villains…that made a home beneath his bed.


But when they found each other… their fears and apprehensions ceased…

they now sleep together…protecting each other from the beasts.



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He said, “My father offered me two pieces of advice

that have worked my whole life through,

and now that you are old enough

I offer them to you”:


Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

for no matter how often you’re burned,

don’t think of it as a mistake…

think of it…as a chance to learn.


Think of it as an opportunity

rising from a momentary shame.

Besides, if you never make a single mistake…

how often would you hear your name.


And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It means your conscientious…your concerned.

It’s does not show your weakness…

It shows your willingness to learn.


If you are confused or befuddled in life,

if it’s knowledge that you lack…

Who better to ask about the road ahead…

than those who are coming back.


And I listened to my father’s words…

For in the countless mistakes I’ve made…

and in all the times I’ve asked for help…

I have never been afraid.



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Fear is a strange anomaly...

for it’s certain we’ll never prevail

If we refuse to take a chance 

for fear that we might fail.


It’s true when we come upon a river bank

It would be safer if we stay...

for jumping in will get us wet

and we’ll face hazards along the way.


And there’s a chance if we jump in

we’ll fail miserably...


But there’s an equal chance, that same river,

will lead us to the sea.


When you’re afraid of the unknown

here’s where to begin:

Stand on the edge...

take a deep breath

and tell yourself,


“Look Out! I’m divin’ in.”

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Never Judge A Book...

He came out of the shadows
as I was walking near the shore
I walk this same route every day
I’ve never seen him there before.

He was big, unshaven, his hair disheveled
his clothes were tattered and worn
It was him and me...alone...together
In the darkness of the morn.

As I walked beside him
He raised to his full height
Looked at me then smiled and said,
“Is this not a beautiful night?”

I exhaled, smiled and nodded
then we talked about the stars
I mentioned the ring around the moon...
he showed me Jupiter and Mars.

I judged him incorrectly
which wasn’t very smart
Because you can’t always tell from the outside
What’s inside a person’s heart.

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I am a Vampire

I am a Vampire

I am a vampire.
I am a cursed being who walks the Earth for all eternity.
I am a witness to the rise and fall of civilizations.
I am a creature who is hated by even my own friends.
I am a hunter that thirsts for blood.
I am a bat that can fly high without being seen.
I am a child who hides behind a mask and forced to be something I am not.
I am a loner for I am forever by myself to keep others safe from me.
I am a night goer because darkness is my only ally.
I am a monster in the eyes of man because I am different.
I am a vampire.
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Lost and Worried

Why do I feel alone when I shouldn't be?

I know things that very few people understand.

I have discovered qualities about myself that I felt ashamed of.

I have lost my faith, but I'm too scared to let others know.

I know many people, but can I call them my friends

When they use my flaws as weapons?

Trust is hard to gain and is easily destroyed.

So why socialize?


People around me are destitute to be in relationships

To blanket their fear, only for them to be gone.

I want a relationship that can last a lifetime

A relationship that lasts for as long as my parents have been together.

I know how to love, but it gets me hurt too easily.

Do I want a relationship or should I stay single for the rest of my life?

Life is like a fork in the road.

Once you choose the path you want to pursue, there is no going back.


I chose my destiny, but along the way, my heart has been scarred.

So much that my timidity is the most prominent of my personality.

Never would I be angry, this emotion solves nothing.

All I can do is hope this anger goes away and be alone in the dark.


I can go on for hours talking about what this world turned into.

Should I do it? What's the point? No one will listen.

Even if they did, their opinions will leave the wound in my heart vulnerable.

I stay alone and lost so I can be safe from mental harm.


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