A Lie

Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
If only your heart can see me,

Words have become meaningless.

My spirit is drying up.

Will you be there

Even if I lose myself?


Scars were left on that day.

Cold and indifferent words

Made me realize that I'm still a fool

For believing in you.

I depended on you

While you had someone else in mind.


Verse 2:

Even if everything between us changes,

My love for you remains.

Because I'm a person

With whom, love is everything,

Now, throw it away.

Now, I shall say goodbye to us.

Goodbye to our memories.

For, everything was a lie.

Lies everyone believed.



All those lies 

You told me

Made me fall for you.

Why am I a fool for love?

Take it all away.

I shall let you go now

Because reality finally set in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a relationship with a Cluster B personality....Whether it is familial, loving, friendship, etc. It's toxic and dangerous to love an abuser.

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Halloween is for

The ones deceiving

Birthdays come

From us conceiving

Christmas leads

To us receiving

Easter is

For us believing

Wakes are for

The ones we’re grieving

And Funerals are for

The ones, us leaving

BOEMS by JA 89      

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It is, in the heart

That truth resides

Where caring lives

And sorrow hides

Where love embraces

One and all

And desires breed

Their beckon call


It is, in the heart

You questions pose

Where meaning thrives

And passion grows

Where devotion means

You never lose

Forever with

The one you choose

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Your's To Keep Part 2

Verse 1:

Etearnally, I'm your's to keep.

Just say we're together, babe.

If I knew you were mine to keep,

I wouldn't have wasted time.



Take a chance on me.

Take a chance on us

What have we got to lose?

You're mine to keep.


Verse 2:

Don't be afraid of this love.

You don't have to fear this love.

Where there is love, there is peace.

I'm your's to keep.



Days go by.

I thought I heard you call out my name.

But, it was in vain.

How I long to hear you say the words: "I Love You."



Are you afraid to love someone?

Do you have wounds and scars in your heart?

'Cause you've been hurt before,

I promise I won't hurt you.

For, I'm your's to keep.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song today as part 2 to the song: "Your's to Keep". It's inspired by Demi Lovato's "Give Your Heart a Break" and Angela Aki's "This Love." Check out those songs. Those thug at my heartstrings.

Mind Flood

Hammering hard against the glistening tin

Rain, crystalline rain, midnight rain

Swirling and mixing and mingling the canvas paint

The earth finally drinks, but then woefully drowns;

A deluge once again

“Go ahead, smile at the chaos”

Me, solitary me, midnight me

Mind wide open but mouth firmly shut

Split into hims and her and its and thems

Characters mirroring the earth; swirling, mixing, mingling

Trudging up and scudding down the dim, narrow passage

While still smiling and basking in the chaos

Hammering hard against my glistening tin

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Hard Stuff

“Why does he drink, when the drink isn’t healing?”

Behind vertical panels she watches in a pool of ivory,


thunder strikes.

He runs a thousand miles lying down,

clutching his drowning empathy and speaking in tongues.


Age takes a toll but time remains fixed.

She tries to trace a pattern, but

the lines never double up.

Waking then aching. Raging then aging.

The blurred screams of blue and red.


She constantly tries to run with him, yet

as her twinkling presence is in his hands, the courage liquefies

He drinks it up. He drinks it all up

And she curls up in the glass prison once again.

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Lost and Worried

Why do I feel alone when I shouldn't be?

I know things that very few people understand.

I have discovered qualities about myself that I felt ashamed of.

I have lost my faith, but I'm too scared to let others know.

I know many people, but can I call them my friends

When they use my flaws as weapons?

Trust is hard to gain and is easily destroyed.

So why socialize?


People around me are destitute to be in relationships

To blanket their fear, only for them to be gone.

I want a relationship that can last a lifetime

A relationship that lasts for as long as my parents have been together.

I know how to love, but it gets me hurt too easily.

Do I want a relationship or should I stay single for the rest of my life?

Life is like a fork in the road.

Once you choose the path you want to pursue, there is no going back.


I chose my destiny, but along the way, my heart has been scarred.

So much that my timidity is the most prominent of my personality.

Never would I be angry, this emotion solves nothing.

All I can do is hope this anger goes away and be alone in the dark.


I can go on for hours talking about what this world turned into.

Should I do it? What's the point? No one will listen.

Even if they did, their opinions will leave the wound in my heart vulnerable.

I stay alone and lost so I can be safe from mental harm.


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