some lion king ass shit

I’m still a loner in my room

I think it got really bad when I fell asleep with my wet clothes in my bed that night

No one in my world knows what I do to my privates when no one is around

Theres too many angry stray dogs running around when I close my eyes and I don’t know what that means

I fall asleep at 4 and wake up at 4

Nothing is wrong and everything moves slow

I wish I could write another song about some medical abnormality I have but I just want to write about you

When I think I’m getting better I go straight to my bed and close my eyes so nothing gets worse

And I get exited when I see you in my dreams and I wake up

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I am a Vampire

I am a Vampire

I am a vampire.
I am a cursed being who walks the Earth for all eternity.
I am a witness to the rise and fall of civilizations.
I am a creature who is hated by even my own friends.
I am a hunter that thirsts for blood.
I am a bat that can fly high without being seen.
I am a child who hides behind a mask and forced to be something I am not.
I am a loner for I am forever by myself to keep others safe from me.
I am a night goer because darkness is my only ally.
I am a monster in the eyes of man because I am different.
I am a vampire.
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something cold

i drain myself as much water bloats the little lungs that small beetle is choking on in a public pool while i'm inside watching girls i'll never fall in love with have sex on the computer. Dizzy eyes and blurry cealing i wake up to hungover again. Theres no more of you, just sun. My memories and the sun. i woke up today and i could believe it. i have woken up a few times and couldnt believe it. but this time i did.


Nothing is clamping my mouth or holding me down. or making me jealous. Just sun. Plastic fast food toys on the grass, the sun makes my skin itchy. I'm looking at the fast food toys in the sun. Theyre just plastic, the kids really like this? Truth in anything except humor, i dont know about that. Plastic fast food toys on the grass, they look so hot from the sun. Why cant i connect this with my dog munieka running away from me? They have nothing to do with eachtoehr, its just me. Hungover in the sun, no genious.


"Why are you standing there for?" It was my sister. It was her voice. She was so small, i noticed how small she was. Short black hair, warm black hair in the summer

I didnt want to open my mouth. My breath would be hot, i knew it would


i tapped her shoulder and started walking with her home and was glad my chest felt like a small cold quiver was blowing in there

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Your gonna end up flying, just look at those birds! Why am I still here? These walls are so thin. Theyre everything. I cant think of anything anyore because of you. You broke down my door and the wind is in my mouth and my bones feel like they are gonna break when I’m not around you. Its because of you. Every step I took was for you and I’m in love because my heart is breaking. Why am I still here? The desert is my mouth. One more night here. I promise i will go away fo sar from here. Somewhere i cant breathe. Munieka where did you go?

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Rafi with the wooden leg

I close my eyes so hard i hope they pop out with my brain and I clench my fists so hard you'll stop reading


What's left? Run naked in no direction in the opposite direction as health ensurance and the idea of it and those buy 2 get i free coke liters


No more gas stations just keep running


No more love just laugh while your tits bounce wild and sun burnt and very free


Run till you reach the little village you abandoned when you were a kid eyes all the way shut


and laugh so hard your brain forgets about your lungs and you lungs foreget about you

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I was great! I saw you and i was so great. I remember you when i saw you. It all fell off my tounge. It didnt matter all the bad that happend before because i was great and you were too and you scared me. You always wore that long sleeve shirt when it got cold, i remember that. It was all so true and i got angry. It was all so true. I was weak and alone and i was great. That night I saw you because i was great and you were. I was and you were great. Even if you werent really there and it was just me. I was great when i closed my eyes and saw you

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Where is everything going?

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Why does it do that? It doesnt even pay attention anymore. I remember the rain caring about me more when i was 8. Even if i said 9 it wouldnt have mattered, the rain still cared. It hits my heart so hard and i wish it didnt cuz i end up being the one that makes fun of me. If you ever mattered the rain was for you. What do i know? Close your eyes and let it hit the back of your ear. If you dont have an ear then find your own way and let someone eles close their eyes. I'm walking down the tunnel again this time. I danced though it when i was little but right now i'm too lazy. I  cant make it anymore. I'm not quitting. I'm lazy. Whats at the end of this? More of a gutter than a tunnel and the rain washes all these old things i never think about anymore to my feet. It really used to feel like the rain cared more before when i was little

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I wasnt a space cowboy



It was soft It was inside her face and i knew we were doomed She didnt know what to do so she blew me. I didnt know what to do so i looked at the moon. Where was the moon? The sky looked like the ocean. Her teeth hurt me. What would Ghandi do? Or what would Hitler do? What would i do?





"Sorry" i said

"it's okay. It's okay" She said. "You're a beautiful person"

Her eyes looked so sad

She put her mouth on the noodle again. I still couldnt find the moon. Ghandi and Hitler were probably on the moon blowing eachother. Where was the moon? I looked up there, i remember she tried to get me hard. I remember i kept looking up there like I was searching for the meaning of this poem or something

"it's okay. You're a beautiful person" She said



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