Hanging by a thread, reel me in

Give me something to believe in

Trying to catch up, but it feels like I'm running in sand

I'm terrified of these demons in demand.


...the gallows echo my name.


Hanging by a string, lying low like fen

I need to be born again, like Jesus of Nazareth

Lost & trapped

My mind is a labyrinth.


...the hangman shrieks my name.


Hanging by a rope now, instead of a thread

This demolition course of a life,

Now has me dead.

Cut down by the scythe.


...the grim reaper carries my head. 

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The Forgotten Death

Death something in disarray

The remembrance untold

The knowledge unknown


Is it unfathomable

Were we never told

Is it irregular to believe

Unthinkable to receive an understanding

Or have we forgotten

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Shattered on the Tile

His eyes

Feed the lies

They are filled with gloss

And loss

And I feel like they are staring at me

And I feel like they are staring at nothing

As his thoughts pour into the air


His face

Is covered in sweat

And regret

He falls to the floor

Once he can’t think anymore

And there are shattered pieces across the tile

Shattered pieces of hope




Sprawled across the ground

But no one makes a sound

It’s the violence

Of the reliance

That makes the brick

Break like a stick

A twig

His eyes

Open big

Then close

And in that moment

The rose


And all the lies

Lie with us

Before hitchhiking on a bus

To truth

And leaving us


On the tile

Dark Side

My Everything


I see your eyes

Move beneath the moon

Rivers of blue

A pleasurable drowning

The darkness flirts 

My darkened prince 

The night worn 

A crown upon your head

Shut me in obscurity 

For the light burns

Without your blackened halo



And I am taken,

Forever, to the dark side

Sound of Fire

Bodies melt to the sweet bliss

Of the devil's light that focuses,

On burning the soul of the decease

As the blood boils the fire well seize


Have you heard thier blissful sounds

Of screaming and singing of the fire's shroud?


The fire's grip is closing in for the kill

As we settle the final words fire instills

And as we falter we can hear the sound

of the sweet flames that burnt us down.

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Lost and Worried

Why do I feel alone when I shouldn't be?

I know things that very few people understand.

I have discovered qualities about myself that I felt ashamed of.

I have lost my faith, but I'm too scared to let others know.

I know many people, but can I call them my friends

When they use my flaws as weapons?

Trust is hard to gain and is easily destroyed.

So why socialize?


People around me are destitute to be in relationships

To blanket their fear, only for them to be gone.

I want a relationship that can last a lifetime

A relationship that lasts for as long as my parents have been together.

I know how to love, but it gets me hurt too easily.

Do I want a relationship or should I stay single for the rest of my life?

Life is like a fork in the road.

Once you choose the path you want to pursue, there is no going back.


I chose my destiny, but along the way, my heart has been scarred.

So much that my timidity is the most prominent of my personality.

Never would I be angry, this emotion solves nothing.

All I can do is hope this anger goes away and be alone in the dark.


I can go on for hours talking about what this world turned into.

Should I do it? What's the point? No one will listen.

Even if they did, their opinions will leave the wound in my heart vulnerable.

I stay alone and lost so I can be safe from mental harm.


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