Monthly Archive for February 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Master of your world Poem Joliebelle 1 Inspired by my sister Feb 1st
Idle Tuesday Poem strangelittleboy Feb 1st
Stupid and Tragic Poem 3 Feb 1st
Goldie Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
Gran-Dad Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
Unknown love Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
Diffrent from Others Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
Angel Watchin O'R You Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
Brown Eyes Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
Sweet Kiss Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
ALS Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
A Sound Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
Brutal Poem life_used_to_be... Feb 1st
Sticky Notes on the Bus Poem TheAlchemist 5 Feb 1st
My Daddy's Poem Joliebelle Feb 1st
Immaturity lies Poem strawberrieme Feb 1st
Phoenix Tears Poem Invisibird 1 death, free, happy, Hopeless, illusion, Pain, Phoenix, poem, tears Feb 1st
REwind Poem strawberrieme another life Feb 1st
The Descent Into Madness Poem RinseWash insanity, madness, Rejection Feb 1st
Stop It Poem RinseWash bullying, Political, Revolution Feb 1st
The Scientist Poem RinseWash deception, lies, Science Feb 1st
Fellow Prisoners Poem dampsoup 3 antispeciesism equality superiority coexist Feb 1st
Addiction Poem MatthewWayne 6 Addiction, emotions, Reality, struggle Feb 1st
was it over? Poem deeplysensative 6 Feb 1st
Breathe me, Finish Me Poem ADAPT 1 Feb 1st
Burdens Poem ADAPT Feb 1st
Faded Stain Poem timbiondollo 2 Feb 1st
Finally Free Poem bluecollarclay 2 a journey in love Feb 1st
The patient Poem SSmoothie 2 Feb 1st
Perfection Poem mannbelani 1 achiever, prefection, WINNER Feb 1st
Fate's Unfair Divide Poem SSmoothie 2 Feb 1st
To own your own defilement edited Poem SSmoothie 2 Feb 1st
I Only Want You Poem thisisme789 bi, love Feb 1st
Dispersion Departure Poem Sivus death, Depression, loss, Lost love, Suicide Feb 1st
I Don't Know What I Can Do Poem thisisme789 love Feb 1st
I Sold my Heart to The Devil Poem thisisme789 Strange Love Feb 1st
Emotional Storm Poem Phil80 dark emotional phil ryhme Feb 1st
Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Feb 1st
Loralie Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 1st
Imagine Something Better Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 1st
Eternity Has Ended to Bring Forth New Hope Poem Rfuller Beauty, bring, Earth, ended, Eternity, forth, has, Hope, new, salvation, thought, to Feb 1st
rage and coal Poem omegamike Feb 1st
unworthy Poem omegamike Feb 1st
moments of now Poem omegamike Feb 1st
Gutter life Poem omegamike Feb 1st
lost Poem omegamike Feb 1st
Scars don't fade Poem MzMidnite Feb 1st
7. Lips Poem life_used_to_be... 2 Feb 1st
twisted Poem drone In my thoughts..about life Feb 1st
mistake Poem drone In my thoughts..about life Feb 1st
how long Poem drone In my thoughts..about life Feb 1st
Holograms Prose ADAPT Feb 1st
29.01.2012 Poem M1A1 short abstract surrealism short Feb 2nd
--- Poem Free_Spirit Feb 2nd
To Keep You From Hearing Poem chasepoetry Feb 2nd
Down by the river Poem asperugo Feb 2nd
love Poem sparks 4 Feb 2nd
True Feelings Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 2nd
Love Hurts Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 2nd
Naabutan Mo Ba? Poem darklion Feb 2nd
Blink of An Eye Poem darklion Feb 2nd
Fantasy into Reality Poem darklion Feb 2nd
Hopeful return Poem Fitzgerald 3 Feb 2nd
We ARE Human Beings Poem darklion Feb 2nd
Good thing I’m in Ireland for two months Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Feb 2nd
Hope Unreturned, for want of a better name. Poem SSmoothie 1 Feb 2nd
Last Call Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Identity Theft Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Christmas Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
To Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Thoughtless Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Lifestyle Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
The Game Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Life Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
(Thanksgiving) Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Show Me Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
I Must Confess Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Downfall of a Nation Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Black Hourglass Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
In His Eyes Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Lost in Love Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Is Love Enough Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Wake-Up Call Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Dream Chasin’ A wake up call for the youth Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Motherless Child Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Why Love? Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
I.N.C. Confession of a drug abused man or woman Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Eyes of Mine Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
African Queen Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Your Choice Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Me Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
This One’s For You Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
For My King Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
A Mother Is Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
How I Feel Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
The Letter Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Reality Check Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Soldier Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Stay Tru Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
What is Man? Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Don’t Cry For Me Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Eternal Flame of Love Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
I AM KING Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
Speak Slowly Poem onepoetictruth 2 Feb 2nd
Wasted Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
RED, WHITE, AND BLUE Poem onepoetictruth Feb 2nd
5 years ago today I lost you. Poem Elfy 2 death Feb 2nd
Look into my eyes Poem Elfy 9 Feb 2nd
are you Poem drone dark thoughts on emotion Feb 2nd
is it Poem drone In my thoughts..about life Feb 2nd
The Fourth Of July Poem thisisme789 death, Grieving Feb 2nd
I Miss You! Poem thisisme789 2 Grieving loss of siblings Feb 2nd
the wells of denial Poem 9inety 4 Feb 2nd
Good bye Poem LAD Feb 2nd
Si no te Veo Poem LAD Feb 2nd
Numb Poem SSmoothie 1 Feb 2nd
lonely Poem drone dark thoughts on emotion Feb 2nd
within Poem drone creative thoughts Feb 2nd
That Thrilling Kiss Poem strangelittleboy Feb 2nd
Returned Glare Poem strangelittleboy 1 Feb 2nd
Bring it. Poem SSmoothie 6 Feb 2nd
Billy Cactus and the Absolute Lawlessness of a Forgotten Frontier Poem 2 Extremely long titled poetry Feb 2nd
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle blimp (1990's) Poem Deathscompanion8 Feb 3rd
Falling (1990's) Poem Deathscompanion8 Feb 3rd voice..(1990s) Poem Deathscompanion8 Feb 3rd
Sagittarius (1990s) Poem Deathscompanion8 Feb 3rd
Terrorist or government (1990's) Poem Deathscompanion8 Feb 3rd
The knife of screams (2000-2010) Poem Deathscompanion8 Feb 3rd
Just A Taste Poem trumpet7 Feb 3rd
Conclusions. Poem dolphin Feb 3rd
Lost Poem MyinsecureSelf 2 Feb 3rd
Slipping Backwards Poem sacrifice 1 Feb 3rd
Sad Forests Poem MyinsecureSelf 1 Lonely, lost, love, sad Feb 3rd
Corpus Of Pericles Poem strangelittleboy 1 Feb 3rd
Felt Stanzas Poem Avantgarde 1 Feb 3rd
An Assassin Named Silas, A Camerlengo named McKenna Poem xstageman 1 Feb 3rd
To Bring Me Back Again Poem joelcarter_86 confused, happy, HOME, Lonely, lost, love Feb 3rd
Random thoughts. Poem sansiro 1 Feb 3rd
Monster Poem Nobonumb 3 monster Feb 3rd
Booty Camp My Ass! Poem SSmoothie 4 Feb 3rd
old Poem voighdt Feb 3rd
She Self-Injured Herself Poem thisisme789 20 self injuring Feb 3rd
Sims 101 Poem SSmoothie 3 Feb 3rd
Love. What is it? Poem Anonymous 34 Feb 3rd
A Troubled Person Poem Anonymous 12 Feb 3rd
Blood and Guitars Poem ramonathompsont Feb 3rd
Last Day By The Shore Poem lyrycsyntyme Feb 3rd
Wild Wild Wes Poem ramonathompsont Feb 3rd
Abortion Song Poem ramonathompsont 2 Feb 3rd
The Rape Song! Poem ramonathompsont Feb 3rd
Confusion of the heart Poem Joliebelle Feb 3rd
Dementia Poem shazi arrogance, Life, Pride Feb 3rd
Cheater Poem Grey_ist Feb 3rd
Short Lived Poem Mizsaint. Poignant Feb 3rd
Sage and Salted Pillars of Tears. Poem SSmoothie 4 Feb 3rd
Reflection Poem fighter4life Feb 3rd
Dreams Poem phil_carcione 5 Feb 4th
Here it comes... Poem SSmoothie Feb 4th
Fifteen Cents Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
More battles and shots that rang Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
"They're not bad tears." Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
The Way Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
Could have been Poem T3kT3hGrrl 1 Feb 4th
The Cloak Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
Reoccurred Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
Martial Arts Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
Open Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
Untitled Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
Another February 14th Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
Thirty Walls Poem T3kT3hGrrl 1 Feb 4th
The Coffee Poem T3kT3hGrrl 1 Feb 4th
The Walk Poem T3kT3hGrrl Feb 4th
Twisting Poem T3kT3hGrrl 1 Feb 4th
Dojo Poem T3kT3hGrrl 1 Feb 4th
Thorns of Yesterday Poem Mizsaint. 4 Feb 4th
Long Wait, But Worth It Poem babe1233 2 Feb 4th
A Dream Poem avoice 1 Feb 4th
I AM MUSIC Poem ADAPT 3 Feb 4th
60 seconds (Flash Poetry) Poem SSmoothie 2 Feb 4th
60 sec. Poem facethetruth2b 4 60 seconds Feb 4th
spine Poem drone dark thoughts on emotion Feb 4th
lonely graves Poem drone In my thoughts..about life Feb 4th
shall be Poem drone In my thoughts.. Feb 4th
Bubbles Poem Mizsaint. Feb 4th
Cruelly Beautiful Thing. Poem SSmoothie Feb 4th
...Saint or Sinner... Poem Mizsaint. 1 Feb 4th
NEW GIRL Poem chris Feb 4th
THE TRAIN Poem chris Feb 4th
My Shot Poem Joliebelle Feb 4th
By God Poem trumpet7 2 Feb 4th
Me Poem divysia 2 Feb 4th
firewall Poem drone In my thoughts..about life Feb 4th
smoke Poem drone In my thoughts..about life Feb 4th
truth Poem drone In my thoughts..about life Feb 4th
our pen Poem drone 2 In my thoughts..about life Feb 4th
Better Off Dead Poem metaphorist 1 Feb 4th
Hello Poem Joliebelle 1 Feb 4th
Not Myself Poem metaphorist 1 Feb 4th
A Disappointment Poem metaphorist 1 Feb 4th
ThoughtShock: A Manifesto "Preview" Prose MatthewWayne 3 book, death, emotions, Life, love, questions, ThoughtShock Feb 4th
60 seconds Poem amirah27 3 Feb 5th
Corruption Poem facethetruth2b 1 Feb 5th
Four months today Poem strawberrieme 2 Feb 5th
Gone Poem ALICIA 2 Feb 5th
"WORD" Poem SSmoothie Feb 5th
PROMISES FOR TOMORROW Poem heatherburns35 2 promises for tomorrow Feb 5th
Casualty Poem BloodShotLies 1 Feb 5th
SOMEWHERE Poem heatherburns35 somewhere Feb 5th
Is she me or am I her? Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Feb 5th
একজোড়া সোনার চুড়ি Poem shawon1982 Feb 5th
03.02.2012 untitled Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 5th
Swinging doors Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Feb 5th
Who's real ? Poem QuietWordz 1 blues, fake, friends, Friendships, Goals, hur, Life, lost, real, sad, Snakes, songs, Words Feb 5th
Answers with a meaning Poem QuietWordz 1 Feb 5th
Behind This All Poem avoice deep thought losing yourself emptiness Feb 5th
HIGH !!!!!! Poem QuietWordz High Feb 5th
Butterflies Poem QuietWordz 1 butterflies Feb 5th
ন্যায্যাধিকার বঞ্চিতা Poem shawon1982 Feb 5th
Her Kind Poem SSmoothie 2 Feb 5th
See you again Poem Joliebelle Feb 5th
What Is Worth Thinking About Poem thelohaspiral Feb 5th
Thoughts Poem divysia Feb 5th
Do you know me Poem divysia Feb 5th
Wish on a Starfish Poem divysia 1 Feb 5th
Delicately Poem swaymelikethesea 1 another life, aspirations, flowers, getting older, secrets, truth, Young Feb 5th
Letter to My son Izac Poem passionate_poet Feb 5th
A Million Tears Poem passionate_poet 1 Feb 5th
ANGRY 2 Poem 1978 Feb 5th
Margarita Time Poem facethetruth2b 2 Feb 6th
A + X = NO Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 6th
There are no words Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Feb 6th
A poet always knows what’s going on Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Feb 6th
‘ডে-নাইট’ চা ও আখের রস Poem shawon1982 Feb 6th
Windy Poem pinkdot7 3 Cold, wind, windy Feb 6th
An "Unusaul" Poem Poem pinkdot7 poem, unusual Feb 6th
Oh How You've Changed Poem pinkdot7 changed, cried, friend, friendship, good times., laughed, same, we Feb 6th
Whispering Colors Poem pinkdot7 3 color, Colors, whisper, whispering Feb 6th
A letter to brother(Soldier) Poem chancekm 2 Feb 6th
MELKE(Pronounced as "me-likey") Poem CaspertheUnfriendly 3 Fucking gnarly. Feb 6th
Mask Poem Dhyana 1 Feb 6th
Imagine Poem iamJay0h Inspirational Feb 6th
each time Poem HisWithNoDoubt 6 Feb 6th
Words to her... Poem iamJay0h 2 Inspiraional, love Feb 6th
Im sorry Poem deeplysensative 2 Feb 6th
@->- Wild Posies -<-@ Poem SSmoothie 2 Feb 6th
নানুর হাতের ‘তিলের জাউ’ Poem shawon1982 Feb 6th
Starcrossed Poem SSmoothie 10 Feb 6th
Challenge (60 seconds) Poem thisisme789 2 Challenges Feb 6th
Everyday is a New Day Poem thisisme789 2 Feb 6th
I Always Do What You Want Me To ?? Poem thisisme789 Feb 6th