Oh blue you are truly a color of delight

To be what is chosen for a morose feeling

As seen by others as only that of sadness 

But the beauty of you shines through 

For I relate as few do 

I most rarely feel yellow as the sun 

I most rarely feel the warmth of another color

I stay cold and blue 

Yet seeing blue keeps me warm

Blue is life 

Blue is curiosity 

Blue is primary 

Blue is love 

Oh blue I can not touch the

But from only of light I may enjoy the beauty that is blue

Author's Notes/Comments: 

its 2:30am I walked in a bar / restaurant, saw the waitress blown away by her alternative look blue streaked hair full in black . The way she looks is great 

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*Look At Me*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Look at me

Look past the clothes

Look past the skin

Look into the soul

Tell me what you see

My heart does not play around

Hurt my feeling you made a sin

God brought us together

He is the one that found

The beautiful relationship to be 

The one that will last forever

God knows it will be him

A broken heart....In pieces...Never

In this passionate love we will swim

Trueness is forever

Fate brought us to one another

Hearts intwined are even better

We will wear on us a heart to show our love

It replaces the scar-let letter

Our relationship will fit tighter then a glove

We will never neglect

True romance will reflect

Treat eachother with respect

Promise truthfully we will never part

Promise I will not get a broken heart


Look at me

I hate the way I must be

Can't you see

I liked you from the start

I would not want you to leave my sight

If we disagree

Lets not fight

Promise you'll keep away the fears

Help me with the hurt

Keep away the tears

Do not be a tease

Playing with my mind

My love is what I will freeze

Trying to hurt me is so unkind

Be sweet to me 

You'll see what you find

Let our spirits free 



Look inside

sick of paging

Hope you had not lied


Such sins

Finding out the truth I've cried


It just begins

Leaving eachother

Look at me 

Look beyond

Can't you believe

That we have a special bond

So I guess this means I have to leave



*Mystical Color*

Sept-28-2003 1:40pm 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Reds oranges yellows and some green 
So bright and beautiful 
A cover of leaves paint the ground 
The gorgeous color covers every seam 


So quite so peaceful 
Birds cherping and making thier nest as winters call 
Mysticle and Sightful 
Magical colors comes every fall 


Mother natures awesome creation 
Different colors through out the nation 
But sadly it only comes only once a year 
Before the winters cold chilly call 
A silence outside you'll hear 
Until you go in the leaves to have a ball 
Before you know it The snow will begin to fall 


White glisten ice covers the outdoor floor 
Just sitting there snuggled up so calm and peaceful 
I dont want to leave 
I want it to come more 
I wish you could look through my eyes and see 
What i have stuck in my memory 
I get to experience this glory i wish you were here with me 
This mysticle color comes after September 
I wish I could always store 
The colors I always want to remember 




Today let me be your guide
I will guide you to a place I call my own
It is not too far or not too close
So let me take you to the place I call my own

From afar a scarlet blush and red rage
An inviting call of love and hate
Love that can burn you to bliss
Hate that can burn you to grief

A step closer can you see
The presence of blue peace
Another call but not love or hate
But a call of harmony

Another step closer the green growth wave
An evidence of change
The happy yellow cheers upon us
A joyful yellow welcomes us

Now, can you see?
The place I call my own

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Whispering Colors

I've been whispering to these colors
As they've been whispering to me.
Oh how I would imagine,
How they simply could be.

Kiss me!
Kiss me!
They say,
as they whisper to me.

and only us!
They plead,
as they whisper to me.

They conceive me,
into believing,
what they want to be,
They consume me.

They twist me,
They turn me,
into a world of believing,
Oh, they conceive me,........

Take me,
into this fantasy,
into this place,
that is glazed, with daze.

Make me,
into a radiant whole being,
because seeing is believing,
oh, they conceive me,.........

Take me,
Make me,
do what you believe,
oh, I will conceive,..........

Consume me,
and move me,
into this fantasy,
Oh conceive,.........

Consume me,
become me,
make me believe,
what you want to see,

Consume me,
my body, my soul and my spirit,
Consume me,
You are my body,

Now, you've become me,
whisper to me,
oh, you fantasies,
Whisper to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just wrote this poem in like two minutes. It just came to me. As my poems usually do.

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Blue is the sound of pity
Blue is the smell of fear
Blue is the taste of bland
Blue is the feel of sadness

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To Be Continued...

Being a citizen is not
the American Dream,
having rights are not
what they seem!
In many cases being
white is alright...
What of those that
are not?!
Voices of color with
stone cold hearts,
the hearts of the
departed and left
Blue eyes might open
doors, the color of
your skin might slam
doors in your face!
Minorities rise and
We are America's

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Racism will never die!!

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The DJ

Misc Poems

The DJ, god of the dance floor, decides
The fate of all dancers. One dancer rides
The waves of the music. The beat takes him
Away to that place, takes him to the brim
Of his consciousness, his brain in a sway
As the music plays. He soars like a jay.
The sound, the beat, the colorful air
Harmony, melody - they take you there.
The DJ plays the song of passion sweet,
A song with a sweet and wonderful beat.
And suddenly, time seems to melt away,
All because of the almighty DJ.
He gives us a chance to let go of life
And all of its troubles, hardships, and strife.
Dancing and dancing our whole night away,
To the songs the mighty DJ will play.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in heroic couplets (but not iambic pentameter.) I wrote this as an assignment in AP English during The Canterbury Tales. Our assignment, as you may have guessed, was to write a poem in heroic couplets on a person or figure in our lives. I wrote about a DJ at a rave and how he/she is like a god.
I love this poem. <3 It sounds pretty sick when you read it outloud.

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The coming storm,

is of the color of your eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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