Whispering Alliance

Nature / Folder 1

Weather, pressure, hot and cold,
Swirls around in the heavens until it gets old,
Tumbling down across rivers and streams,
Through mountains and valleys, canyons, ravines.
Painting the clouds with a paintbrush unseen,
Whistling and howling, of where you have been,
Of all of the elements, I've always loved you,
It's because of the unity you often imbue,
A thundertorm isn't the same when you've left,
When you're there all the poise is indeed so bereft,
But gusty, blustery, flustery wind,
When you strum up your fury,
We best not be thin-skinned.

Copyright 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love the wind I love the wind.

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I step outside from the warmth in my home. And the wind hits me like a car going indescribably fast, then crashes into my body. And then the cold hits me like a lightning bolt. So cold. So windy. It whisks me through the air, so fast. Although you can't see it, I imagine it has a face.

So I step back inside my house, into the crisp warmth. Away from the wind. away from the cold. Although it will be back again.

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