Monthly Archive for September 2010

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POETRY PARTY GAME Poem chris Abstract Sep 1st
Marriage Poem shy_kitty Sep 1st
...sitting and thinking... Poem niltak Sep 1st
.... Poem niltak Sep 1st
... Poem niltak Sep 1st
i thought of you today and the tears fell... Poem niltak Sep 1st
its cold... Poem niltak Sep 1st
I'M GLAD Poem chris Abstract Sep 1st
i'm not the "bad guy" Poem niltak Sep 1st
With me Poem shy_kitty Sep 1st
waiting... Poem niltak Sep 1st
My eyes Poem shy_kitty Sep 1st
WHAT KIND OF LOVE IS THIS? Poem emmenay 2 Sep 1st
MORE ON LOVE Poem emmenay 1 Sep 1st
DISENCHANTMENT Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 1st
Metallic God Poem forgeteden Sep 1st
I'M SORRY Poem chris Abstract Sep 1st
i remembered what i shouldn't say... but said it anyways... Poem niltak Sep 1st
lost in my thoughts... Poem niltak Sep 1st
...i was thinking today... Poem niltak Sep 1st
Closeted Poem niltak Sep 1st
HELP Poem shy_kitty Sep 1st
Who Deserves The Blame? Poem nkorinko Acceptance Sep 1st
Lost in You Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics Lost in You music Sep 1st
My English translation of A. S. Pushkin's "The Night", which he wrote in 1823 Poem princealexander Poetry/Writing Sep 1st
she's giving up... Poem niltak Sep 1st
demons Poem pikurpoison Sep 1st
Person Poem RainerBukowski 1 Abstract Sep 1st
Your Son Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics Your Son music life Sep 1st
What You Want Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics What You Want music Sep 1st
Open My Eyes Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics Open My Eyes music Sep 1st
love is a funny thing... Poem niltak Sep 1st
files behind my eyes Poem katie47404 Sep 2nd
TO BE REALLY SOMETHING Poem emmenay Sep 2nd
working man's hands Poem sic Being Loved Sep 2nd
conformity Poem sic Sep 2nd
a midsummer night's epiphany Poem sic Sep 2nd
breath Poem sic Angst Sep 2nd
Questioning Love Poem takemewithy0u love Sep 2nd
amorous Poem sic Sep 2nd
'10 The Book "My Book!" pt.1 Poem Joel 1 Sep 2nd
Singapore Poem randyjohnson Devastation Sep 2nd
IS THIS REALLY A LAND OF THE PURE? Poem emmenay 1 Sep 2nd
Death Coming Poem Aloris Lost love Sep 2nd
Intoxicating Poem uninvited_1 Song Lyrics Intoxicating music Sep 2nd
Fear & Religion: All the same Poem nkorinko 2 Acceptance Sep 2nd
Desperada Poem angeljerlin Hope Sep 2nd
Do you love or just want to be loved ? Poem princealexander Poetry/Writing Sep 3rd
HURRICANE Poem chris 1 Nature/Environment Sep 3rd
"Romeo Stand In" Poem The1TrueMojo Sep 3rd
Runnin' High Poem spacecase Sep 3rd
SUDDENLY Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 3rd
Empty Windows Poem spacecase 2 Sep 3rd
"Exquisite Distress" Poem The1TrueMojo Sep 3rd
'10 The Book "My Book?" pt.2 Poem Joel Sep 3rd
Pilgrim Poem life_used_to_be... Sep 3rd
Staying UP...when feeling Low Poem ruizerick2001 Sep 3rd
Desperados Poem life_used_to_be... 1 Sep 3rd
Comprehension Poem GraciousGift Spirituality Sep 3rd
Burn Out Tilo Poem jgupta Sep 3rd
Untitled Poem afewobservations Sep 3rd
Love's Requiem Poem timbiondollo Sep 3rd
the trilogy--- (my favorite work ever) Poem sic Individuality Sep 3rd
this world Poem sic Endurance Sep 3rd
A Rose Poem afewobservations 2 Abstract Sep 3rd
witrhout God Poem sic 1 Existential Sep 3rd
Happiness Does'nt Find You Poem nkorinko Awakening Sep 3rd
I'm Just the Messenger Poem afewobservations 1 Sep 3rd
A Waltz for lifes creation . Poem Overt. Sexual Sep 4th
'10 The Book "Recap" pt.3 Poem Joel 1 Sep 4th
Nostalgia Poem Overt. Memories Sep 4th
Another Reflection and Once a dream. Poem Overt. regret Sep 4th
Changsition Poem Overt. Change/Transition Sep 4th
Day by day Poem clutchforbalance Sep 4th
Your beat plus my melody makes me speak of L . O . V . E eliquintly so evidently . . Poem Overt. Hate Sep 4th
My Seraphim Poem clutchforbalance Sep 4th
All you do Poem clutchforbalance Sep 4th
Forgive me Poem natedog2 Sep 4th
Once you were my everything Poem babe1233 Sep 4th
Siren Song Poem dakotadarkhorse 1 Sep 4th
My broken home Poem natedog2 Sep 4th
You win Poem clutchforbalance Sep 5th
He says Poem clutchforbalance Sep 5th
Cold Beer, Women and Music Poem wpkamen Human Nature Sep 5th
WITHOUT YOU Poem emmenay 1 Sep 5th
An Explosion Poem wpkamen Poetry/Writing Sep 5th
Who Am I? Poem unseen_treasure Sep 5th
Wanderer Poem clutchforbalance Sep 5th
Deep Beneath The Void Poem unseen_treasure Sep 5th
Talking Poem unseen_treasure Sep 5th
I'm she and she is me Poem unseen_treasure Sep 5th
FOR HER, JUST HERS....FOREVER Poem emmenay Sep 5th
Had breakfast with my freind Poem unseen_treasure 1 Sep 5th
Walls Poem unseen_treasure Sep 5th
At Patmos As The Apostle Saint John Sails Poem Starward Faith Sep 6th
Give It Away Poem exthias1983 Depression Sep 6th
Painted Bones Poem forgeteden Sep 6th
Untitled -- 9.6.2010 Poem necro-zydrate Sep 6th
THE ESSAY Poem CrowPieD 1 death, Faith, Life, love, sorrow Sep 6th
MOTHER OF ALL WHORES. Poem CrowPieD 1 Abuse, betray, religion, virgin mary Sep 6th
SEDUCER YET SAVIOR * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 6th
For John's Girl Poem aznplumpixie love Sep 6th
THE LOVE OF GOD'S LIGHT Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 6th
POSSESSION * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 6th
THE GRAND REINTRODUCTION * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 6th
SUPPOSITION * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 6th
Predator/Prey Poem nzubeidi Dark Sep 6th
If They Would Call It Passion Poem cerulean_soulhaze Sep 6th
Beautiful Death Poem nzubeidi Suicide Sep 6th
Who am I? Poem nzubeidi Dark Sep 6th
Wolf Moon Poem clutchforbalance Sep 6th
Who am I? 2 Poem nzubeidi death Sep 6th
But Then It Begins Poem hatredofhumanity Sep 7th
Acts Of Random Violence (ARV) Poem hatredofhumanity Dark Sep 7th
The Crossing of the T Poem hatredofhumanity Revenge Sep 7th
Believing Not Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 7th
Merge Together Poem hatredofhumanity Insomnia/Restless Sep 7th
So It Ends Poem hatredofhumanity Suicide Sep 7th
Chance Of Rain Poem hatredofhumanity death Sep 7th
so confused Poem babbygirl confusion Sep 7th
Voyaging Into Our Sunset Poem enuminous love Sep 7th
A good friend once said the most profound words Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Sep 7th
And It Shall Claim Your Soul Poem hatredofhumanity Dark Sep 7th
The True Fan Poem metsrock2289 Sep 7th
You let me hurt You, but I am to blame Poem running_with_rabbits Sep 7th
At David's Rooftop Poem Starward History/Past Sep 7th
Denial Poem running_with_rabbits Sep 7th
This love is a lie Poem running_with_rabbits Sep 7th
I'm Just Sorry For It Poem rashmiitz Sep 7th
At Abishag's Amazement Poem Starward History/Past Sep 7th
By your actions Poem running_with_rabbits Sep 7th
I love the way you lie Poem running_with_rabbits Sep 7th
So lost in the moments when you’re in them Poem running_with_rabbits Sep 7th
How About? Poem pikurpoison Sep 8th
You hit me twice.. Poem workm friendship Sep 8th
Big Yolk Sun Poem wishful_thinking Sep 8th
Haiku, 14: Moon Shine Poem kj1 Sep 8th
IMPERFECT TENDERNESS * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 8th
You show me love.. Poem workm 1 love Sep 8th
Flower in the night.. Poem workm Passion Sep 8th
'10 The Book "Recapped Assumption" pt.4 Poem Joel 1 Sep 8th
Your Song Lyrics Poem nickchig Sep 8th
Thinking of you.. Poem workm friendship Sep 8th
Reaching Poem sanctus Sep 8th
Blood and Feathers Poem sanctus 1 Sep 8th
Boxes Poem sanctus Sep 8th
Aries Ram Poem sanctus 2 Sep 8th
Dry Anchors Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 8th
No Half-Stepping Poem tk2003 Strength/Courage Sep 8th
SUMMER HAS HERSELF A SECRET * Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 8th
My Friend.. Poem workm friendship Sep 8th
Let me take you.. Poem workm Lust Sep 8th
untitiled (20/12/07) Poem captain Sep 9th
poem_263_Starfish Poem h1s4k0 Abstract Sep 9th
Within Ourselves.. Poem workm Fate/Destiny Sep 9th
Dreaming of you.. Poem workm 5 Passion Sep 9th
think postive Poem babbygirl confusion Sep 9th
think postive Poem babbygirl confusion Sep 9th
You are my friend.. Poem workm friendship Sep 9th
Polaris Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 9th
When the Circle Ends Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 9th
Heart of Gold Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 9th
Bliss Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 9th
w/u Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 9th
Fellfromstars Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 9th
1+1=1 Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 9th
He spit in my drink Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 9th
I took a life Poem randyjohnson Dark Sep 9th
Ha Ha Ha Ha Poem thelohaspiral Sep 9th
Twilight Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 9th
JUST KIDDING! Poem moxie Comedy/Humor Sep 9th
People.. Poem workm Compassion Sep 10th
Dear Parents Poem lushi_perera family Sep 10th
What a girl can do.. Poem workm Hope Sep 10th
The Sunsets Over My Life Poem lushi_perera Sep 10th
STAGE FRIGHT Poem chris Abstract Sep 10th
Beyond the Realm of this Sinners World Poem lushi_perera Abstract Sep 10th
Weekend with you.. Poem workm love Sep 10th
Fear Poem lushi_perera 1 Sep 10th
Your love bed.. Poem workm Sexual Sep 10th
SEX Poem chris 1 Abstract Sep 10th
Let's go there.. Poem workm Passion Sep 10th
HOMESICK Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 10th
A GUITAR, A DEMO CD, AND ME Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 10th
honesty is the policy Poem katie47404 Sep 10th
I AM A LOBSTER Poem chris Nature/Environment Sep 10th
Cumberland Poem edwin Change/Transition Sep 10th
Out on the town(new country song working on) Poem belial_lair love Sep 10th
Blooms Will Rise Poem wishful_thinking 1 Sep 10th
On Writing Poem taos Tributes/Odes Sep 10th
Pledge to the Devil Poem lushi_perera Sep 10th
THAT'S WHAT LOVE CAN DO Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 10th
3 Poem chris Children Sep 11th
Secure Eternally Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 11th
Earl Poem randyjohnson death Sep 11th
A MIND Poem chris 1 Abstract Sep 11th
REST STOP SEX Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 11th
Kissing the Gunner's Daughter Poem dakotadarkhorse Sep 11th
WEEKEND ART Poem chris Children Sep 11th
MARRY ME Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Sep 11th
understanding Poem spiritallover Acceptance Sep 11th
Munchausen's Poem spiritallover confusion Sep 11th
SUMMER'S ENDING Poem chris 1 Children Sep 11th
Just For you.. Poem workm love Sep 11th
A special friend.. Poem workm friendship Sep 11th
11-2 Poem chris 1 Song Lyrics Sep 11th
SUMMER'S ENDING Poem chris Children Sep 11th
Here I Am! Poem exthias1983 Acceptance Sep 11th
Just A Dream Poem exkaijadesatiro Sep 11th
Best Time To Cry Poem exkaijadesatiro friendship Sep 11th
MORE Poem chris Children Sep 11th
THIS FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE ALONE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 12th
MINNEHAHAIOWA Poem chris Abstract Sep 12th
I'M BORED WITH YOU Poem chris Abstract Sep 12th
Aspirin Hurricane Poem IntoTheDawn Weather/Environment Sep 12th
The Language of Drunk Poem wkamen Acrostic Sep 12th
In God’s Grip Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 12th
SOLITUDE Poem chris Nature/Environment Sep 12th
Lighthouse In The Fields Of Oklahoma Poem wishful_thinking 1 Sep 12th
MY FAVORITE LETTER IS C Poem chris Children Sep 12th
AUTOPSY OF THE NIGHT. Poem CrowPieD death, Faith, Life, love, sorrow Sep 12th
Perpetual autumn Poem dolphin Abstract Sep 12th
The aching Poem raminastar Sep 12th
ANXIETY = + Poem CrowPieD death, Faith, Life, love, sorrow Sep 12th
AVE MARIA. Poem CrowPieD death, Faith, Life, love, sorrow Sep 12th
ANGER Poem CrowPieD death, Faith, Life, love, sorrow Sep 12th
AMNESIA Poem CrowPieD 1 Bizarre Sep 12th
ANDY27. Poem CrowPieD 2 death, london, lost, love, youth Sep 12th
AN EMPTY CRADDLE. Poem CrowPieD 1 Sep 12th
Hell Train Poem dblackthorne Revolution Sep 12th
ASHES Poem CrowPieD death, Faith, Life, love, sorrow Sep 12th
ADIEU. Poem CrowPieD beaudelaire, Depression, final, french, joy Sep 12th
ABOUT YOU Poem CrowPieD Depression, hollow, religion, sex, sorrow Sep 12th
ADMISSION Poem CrowPieD childhood, joy, sex, water Sep 12th
ADAGIO FOR STRINGS Poem CrowPieD death, Faith, Life, love, sorrow Sep 12th
Gene Barry Poem randyjohnson death Sep 12th
AMNESIAC REASONING Poem CrowPieD amnesia, nature, rain, soul, wind Sep 12th
AMALGAM OF LOVE. Poem CrowPieD 2 coffe, love, sad, sun, sunday Sep 12th
Even to Direct his own step Poem natedog2 Sep 13th
One Year Tear Poem AlexC Fear Sep 13th
He raped my mule Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 13th
Dear Me By: Autumn Mcclure Poem blisspain confusion Sep 13th
Sunlight Lady Poem spacecase 1 Sep 13th
Time Poem road273 Depression Sep 13th
And Murder Will Set You Free Poem hatredofhumanity Sep 13th
MY LIFE Poem chris 1 Abstract Sep 13th
ERO Poem odengalasi Sep 13th
Still There Poem TheKrook 1 Sep 13th