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Hello all you beautiful writers =D, as you may or may not have read my poems and scribblings... i would love to thank you all, all of you who have Critiqued and commented on my work. it is so much appreaciated as it has helped me realise i CAN write relevant things.

a MASSIVE!!!! thanks to Roland loussarian (probably spelt that wrong) for his amazing wonderful comments and critiques... you might i say are an amazing writer yourself, I would reccomend to anyone to read Roland's work as it is inspiring and beautiful... very heartfelt :) so....pretty much....THANKS! =D

Pixie Lee . xx

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tis sitting happily on my belly and is sleeping....dont wake it tho.....1,000 peple died last time it woke!!! D: its scary..... oh and its an innie!

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its better to be hated for something you are than loved for something your not - Kurt cobain


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