Elise gives a cold kiss to the angel, ready to break his wings…

      “Let me take you to the land of broken dreams, where no fears equal the horrific reality! A place, which I have, learns to love to avoid the bitter disappointment of faith. devotion a word as empty as my heart felt today…”

“Love is only a state of mind, an excuse for loneliness, the most hypocritical form of relationship. My kisses for you are naked of lies, pure as air.”

Elise holds the angel closely.

      “You walk through lands of emptiness, filling yourself with silly beliefs, hoping for better. Hope does not belong down here! A basic emotion made by simple mortals.
Grab all the pleasure you can and extract!
The essence of it all without expecting for more. Look at me angel; I am the perfect living creature…”

Elise senses the warmth of the angel.

      “When friends and family turn to ashes, you fall deeper into some abyss of faith, blind of hypocrisy, too afraid to face the holy hollow, the divine emptiness of life, the beauty of space…”

Elise caresses the angel’s face with icy fingers.

      “Fly to your god, before my anger break your wings; tell him I do not want his love. Regrets and sympathies are too late. I have learnt to grow my own flowers from my private darkness where his divine light never came upon me!”


Author's Notes/Comments: 

magic dust in my eyes

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