I pray on my knees, so to speak,
Letting you spitted your forgiveness…
Seating on your laps in the vein of the child I was!
To feel u warm!
Wet, it felt on my children legs!

Dripping on me, your caring love!
Was it devotion or sick affection?
Was i the first,
or the last?
Woman of my life!

Would you have buried me alive, I would have smile,
Kept Burning me and I would have sparkle with joy!
Because you were my fireworks in hell!
Your name carve upon my tombstone!

These days, I do not even recollect your name,
The contour of your twisted face,
When the back of your hand was violently caressing me,
Or was it the soft touch of your lips?

Who is dancing tonight upon the earth?
Where you hide six foot`s under the dust!
At nights, I still hear the sickly lullabies,
Did you know? how painful it wouldl be each morning?

Before dews and broken spells of feeble lights,
Rupture opens my sleepy eyes,
All I witness is your syphilitic syllabus,
And your bloated face suffocating on the old children`s tale…

Crawl back to your glory hole,
Long, you had turn to the hollow ghost, you always were.
Long the kid had forgive the smell of your decaying tales, run
Dancing with the rest of the banshees, once upon a time call nannies…


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An excellent write! Extremely

An excellent write! Extremely vivid in its description