(28 July 2003.)

Act 1;

The calls of the snakes are hunting my spirit.
Spiralling around my demented soul!
Ghost from the past, future close by...
Strangle by the present!
As I watch the first seed of Satan,
His slimy body around my neck!

I am the new medusa, the new metaphor!
A lonely headless head floating ashore...
In some empty space, Speed me around....
Break me against the walls, while the child screams!
How well I recognised the pains and the fears!
My dear Medusa!

Microbiological world,
My little system space world,
My secret garden, a shame to say such words,
Never the less, my secret place!
The broken gates,
I chose to open to you tonight!

Many worlds, many stars,
Many planets....
Many holy holes!
Single space.
This is all it would have taken....
To OPEN a heart....

Act 2;

The sun is about to rise,
I can see clearly, as my eyes still hurt...
The night is blurring, the passing day, foggy...
I am happy, no much to remember,
No much pain to hold on too!
This is life today, this is my life!

The Medusa as disappear, long ago, so why?
Searching for the snake of the past?
The agonising guilt’s, the catholic plague!
As I mirror the smile in u face,
I like to see u smirk, it make me warm,
While my blood still chills!

Time sheds his tears,
Spring as come again, to my own surprise!
The summer has blossom, my ideals, and my spirit!
I can see the phoenix about to rise or CRASH!
I am almost happy, sad would u say...?
Are you?

Act 3;

There are not enough pills!
There are no enough downers,
To crash my will!
Shall I be please?
I ask you?
Surely, I must!

As, I am typing those words,
My soul as learn not to detach yet, from the infant!
The innocence, the butter butterfly...
The ones we used to crash inside the palm of our hands!
Children’s of purity
Today, Satan spawns!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

when i make love with Medusa...

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