Here again, I am falling into ashes,
Dreams tonight are more close to sand than golden.
Anger burns my trips, venom of life…
Smoke coming up from my nostrils, raging bull!
I still rather fight but how much blood…
Will run through my veins?

The past is catching up with me,
And it seem there is little place to hide, stay,
Swimming into the ocean of pain and the same question arise again, why?
The light of the moon still reflecting on the dark water…

Like a angel trapped in a black mirror
Alternatively, just another metaphor for my soul, for the time being!
The world becomes so detached.
Motionless, emotionless, broken seconds, still as death…

I can hear my heartbeat rushing through my temples,
Waiting to burst inside my head, my body becomes a white wall,
Psychiatric unit made of flesh!
Another passing memory or just the fruit of their madness?

Another pile of dusty words, blowing over the edge.
Behind the sea, behind the scene…


Author's Notes/Comments: 

feeling hollow, rescue me

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