Ave Maria,
Santa Claus!
Fills my children’s heart,
So much illusions, or was it,
Fantasy or reality?

Yes that right,
No one knows the true!
How sure u are, I shall never really knows…

I might be dead tomorrow,
Sometimes, I wish it…
Others times I fight like the dragon!
Either ways, I shall not mutter!

This is it!
This is the god,
There is no god…
There is not goddess…
But only fairness!

Come in the wind to caress me, and kiss me,
I wish I could say u name…
Who care, we are all the same,
Searching for the true!
And do we find it?

No, no, no, no, no no no …
Yes because u saw the blossom, u think u has…
Wake up…
I cannot buy any off it!
I love anthems!
Because I am the waves,
I love the wind,
Because I am the sweet caress…
The fallen leave on u cheeks,
Kissing you!



Le petit prince. Herve XXX


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am a virgin in my heart

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